Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recruiting 2011--Larenzo Fisher

A image reports that UMass has offered to Larenzo Fisher, a 5-11 170 pd CB from Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington, DC.

Fisher is a rivals three star player.

He'll take a recruiting visit to UMass on 1/21/11.

YouTube highlights here.

Also has offers from Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Ohio, Temple (see any pattern here?) and  New Mexico.


UMass Fan said...

Hey Frank,

You do a great job with the bog. However, after following it for the past year and half, I have noticed a lot of the commentors are completely oblivious to the FBS, and seem to focus primarily on the FCS. Now this is commendable, although, many are in for a wake-up call in how much different the FBS is in comparison to the FCS, when and if UMass ever makes the jump.

Any thoughts bloggers, or am I out in right field by myself?

Anonymous said...

Good patterm good news. I would like to know what upgrades the MAC has demanded (add 15K seats ? add a practice bubble ? ) and when are we going to start construction ?

Anonymous said...

We will be his third visit and last one before NSD. The last impression is the most important. Hope the coaches have pictures of the upgrades to show our recruits.

Anonymous said...

UMass Fan, Agree with you. We are recruiting a higher skill level player this year. Comparing ourselves to Temple, they have better facilities and is years ahead of us in the FBS and didn't qualify for a bowl this year. We need to have 2 outstanding recruiting classes to compete in the MAC in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Frank do you - or anyone - know what was included in initial report/submittal we made to the MAC? What upgrades does the MAC requires from us? They visited us twice so that information was transmitted to our AD / Athletic Department.

Anonymous said...

First poster is dead on. We have a long ways to go (and that is to be expected and okay) before we can compete with UConn in recruiting. I realize we have players that could start their but someone the other day posted that if Whipple goes their he will kick our butt in recruiting. I cannot stand them, but the reality is we have no one on the team that was offered a scholarship by Uconn in the last six years. We have had transfers from their but only because they realized their playing time would be limited. If we offer a kid they or BC offer it is because they are local and were either hoping they want to get on the field sooner or frankly if it does not work out for them we are making sure they contact us first as a potential transfer. Actually WHipple will help us in that manner by sending some guys are way should we remain in FCS.

Plain and simple our guys work extremely hard, but 90% receive no FBS offer. The reality is that the MAC schools seldomly compete with the big dollar conferences in recruiting. This is not by accident with all the summer camps to evaluate talent these days. It is a team game and heart can only take you so far. It is not coincidence that were moving upstream in the athletes were pursuing today. We at least have a story to tell and I only hope the administration has sold the MAC on our commitment to bring value to the conference.

Anonymous said...

Paul Pasqualoni headed to UConn