Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday----Dec 1st, 2010

Lots more on the proposed UMass move up.

MSNBC on MAC conference expansion.

Ron Chimelis says its the right move.

UMass would be a football-only member of the MAC.

WWLP22 says UMass is thinking.

NESN says UMass will be playing several games at Gillette.

Matty V says no invitation by the MAC has been extended, but officials will visiting UMass in December.


More raw data: 2009 NCAA football attendance (.pdf download).
  • MAC ave 15,317 (lowest in FBS)
  • SWAC ave (12,256 highest FCS league)
  • CAA ave 8,523 (8th in FCS.)

Some comments on yesterday's comments :)
  1. As a MAC member UMass could immediately start scheduling Big East or ACC opponents OOC.
  2. Neither of those conferences would approach UMass in its current status as an FCS team. If we were FBS , then that could change----try to think a couple moves ahead.
  3. The students do not go to the games anyway, so I don't see how they are a factor in any siting discussion.


Joe said...

After reading a couple of comments yesterday, I want to say this. Our fans are very fickle. It seems as if there is a lot of opposition to this move. Everyone wnats to maintain the status quo.

Thnik of the bigger picture here. Like Frank said in today's post, this move could be a stepping stone to move to the Big East or ACC eventually. However, many fans that read this blog are already bashing this move. They could have announced they wanted to join the Big Ten, ACC, SEC or any other major conference, and people would still bash the idea.

On the whole, this could be a very lucrative move, only time will tell. So please lighten up people, and think outside the box for once. Just like everyone was thrashing the coaches after the URI game. Did you ever stop to think that maybe this team over-acheived this year?

Give this team, YOUR team, a chance.

Anonymous said...

not to mention that the MAC can tap into the boston media market.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the Krafts would team with the Commonwealth to build a stadium around Amherst to accommodate both UMass and the Revolution, it would serve both interests.

Anonymous said...

Son of BD?

Anonymous said...

I am a junior at school here, I pay to attend the school. I am in the minority but I enjoy going to the football games and other sporting events. I am opposed to every home game played at foxboro, its a 2 and a half hour drive on a bus with traffic. Not my idea of how to spend my Saturday. How many people on this blog are paying students?

Anonymous said...

Umass would be dumb not to reach out to Whipple if they join the MAC. He will have boatloads of scholarships to work with and hes as good as anyone in recruiting. where does whipple go? he will not get a head coaching job for an fbs powerhouse, hes not qualified to be an NFL offensive coordinator. Would he rather be an OC in FBS or the head coach at an fbs school in its first year of FBS football. Seems like a good deal for both parties. Whipple would be the playcaller and qb coach with Picucci coaching the line, that would be ok with me. He would hire a new defensive coordinator and were in business. I dont remember but I think he left on good terms here.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how the New England sports writers could pick Dale Fink as 1st all New England QB , his team had a 4-7 record , and his stats were not nearly as impressive as our Kyle Havens , who as far as I can tell has been ignored by virtually every all star team voting selections .

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy to think that Whipple would come back here. He did do a great job, but he is MUCH BIGGER than UMASS football. He spent lots of money while he was a head coach here. The budget was way over which led to the reason why he left soon after Bob Marcum. Ian McCaw came in and contained his budget. Again, lets stand behind our staff. GO UMASS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I go to school here and the offense is the by far the best thing about this team. players, coaches etc. Lets not screw this up and go from best offense in league to a cellar dwellar by hiring anyone else.

Anonymous said...

ok if whipple is above umass where does he go next? He was fired as an OC for Miami and driven out of the NFL. He is unemployed.

Anonymous said...

the guy who made the comment about whipple being unemployed is the only one who makes any sense.
he alreeady proved he cant coach with either the fbs teams nor the nfl. he should consider himself lucky should umass offer him a job or his next stop could be highschool