Friday, December 03, 2010

Recruiting 2011--Rodney Mills

UMass is interested in Rodney Mills a 6-0 200 pd WR from Eastside HS in Gainesville, FL.

His page is here.

A Q&A session with him is here.

Mills has interest from some SEC schools as well a University of Miami, Western Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee State.

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Anonymous said...

The MAC has their Mac-East vs Mac-West Playoff BOWL tonight. I will be listening for comments about expansion and UM

Anonymous said...

Good morning Frank. How many ships can we give This Year as a member of a FCS / FBS conference?

Anonymous said...

finally! a Florida recruit

UMass74 said...

FCS teams can give a maximum of 63 scholarships spread over 85 players.

So the "ideal" FCS/I-AA class is 17 recruits.

FBS teams can offer 85 scholarships spread over 105 players.

If we went FBS, we would probably not jump up all 22 scholarships in one year.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Frank. How many players have completed their eligibility or are not expected back? Would like to know approx how many ships we can give to get back to 63. Hope we sign some JC off linemen. The top OL - 280 in high school - sign with the major conf. The 2 star 250 lb high school OL take 2 - 3 yrs to develop.