Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Recruiting 2011--Dan Foesel

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UMass has received its fourth verbal of the 2011 season when 6-4 235 pd TE Dan Feosel from De Paul HS in Lincoln Park,NJ accepted a Minuteman offer.

He's an ESPN three star player and a Top-50 at his position.

Foesel is rated as two stars by

Rivals two-star.

YouTube highlight film here. has the story with references to other local players who did well at UMass.

ESPN recruiting guru Roger Brown has a stubb article about Foesel's signing with UMass. Mentions the possible move to the MAC as one of the reasons for his signing.

Foesel will be UMass first three-star recruit since Quinton Sales signed in 2008.

Foesel chose UMass over Central Florida, Towson, Western Michigan and Youngstown State.


Anonymous said...

I hope our 2011 coach red shirts every freshman and true sophmore in 2011 - our first transition year. We should also be able to recruit a larger class this year ! GO FBS UMASS

John said...

informative, insightful blog. good work!

"2011 coach" ... it might not be Morris? What's the story with that?

Anonymous said...

Love seeing those NJ recruits committing, Nothing but great things in the future!

Anonymous said...

MAC vs Sun Belt - Toledo 7-1 and 8-4 vs FIU 6-2 and 6-6 in the Pizza Bowl. Lets look at their facilities. FIU ripped down their old stadium and built a new one around their field. FAU is building a new 30K Expandable to 60K+ Seats stadium - with the option of adding a retractable roof. I would like to see a 30K seat bowl with fieldhouse along the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

The "recruiting experts" are worthless. Consider who excels at UMass and who go on to pro careers. Far more are never given the recognition than those who do.

Anonymous said...

alot of poltics in high school football. recruiting wise.

Anonymous said...

Our best players last year were no star recruits n high-school experts are generally garbage