Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Dec 16th, 2020

Tyler Holmes has been named First String Associated Press All-American.

UMass news story here.

MassLive has the story here.

Matty V has more here.

ESPN has the complete roster and notes about the team.

The CAA placed eleven players on the list.


Story about the changing landscape of football may affect teams like Stony Brook. Note that if we stay in the CAA, Stony Brook and Albany would be the top candidates for a reconstituted CAA North.


Saw this over at Wizard of Odds blog, You know the first down line that TV projects on your screen? An inventor has managed to invent a laser that will project a first down line on the actual field.

Then coaches can really ream out receivers who run routes that are one yard shy of the first down.


TSN's previews of the Villanova at Eastern Washington game and the Georgia Southern at Delaware game.



John said...

If UMass stays in the CAA, I would love to see Albany in a CAA north division. Stony Brook would make a good, logical member as well.

Anonymous said...

What a pleasure to watch Tyler Holmes-He BRINGS IT every week and has since he started laying the wood in the Spring Game 2 yrs ago.
Having gone to the Michigan game and also to have it taped-Whats going to get me thru the winter is watching the Hit he layed on the UMichigan running back on a 3rd and 1 with 3: 40 left when we were down by 10 and needed a stop/I just turn up the volume and listen to the collision and the gasp from 109,000 fans. Thank God for Tyler he gets me to buy a ticket every week

izy said...

I'd bet Delaware and Villanova choke