Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday---Dec 15th, 2010

MAC officials visited UMass yesterday. Matty V has the info about the visit and possible changes to UMass football.

The MAC football page is here.

If you didn't hear, Temple's Coach Al Golden was appointed HC at the University of Miami Monday.

UMass loses a recruit to Don Brown.


For a league with two of the final four, the CAA only had three players chosen for the Walter Camp All-American team.


Old foe Georgia Southern, is ahead of schedule.


Keepers College football ratings has Delaware by 6.89 over GSU and Villanova by 4.33 over Eastern Washington (front page).


Anonymous said...

brown didnt steal any recruits. umass was never in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Hello Frank. Thanks for the info re the MAC visit. Do you know who came? Some of their ADs or Presidents or some MAC consultants? Thanks.

Brooks Rownd said...

I don't have any problem with the MAC as a regional conference, which is fine if your team is in Ohio or Indiana, but it just isn't right for UMass football. The thought of a schedule filled with Kent State, Eastern Michigan, Buffalo, Ball State and the season-end "reward" of some mini-bowl hosted in a Detroit/Toronto dome or some converted baseball stadium is not appealing... *sigh*

Remember when Buffalo was our homecoming pansy?

Anonymous said...

Morris is taking a very aggressive approach to recruiting this year. Ive heard about a few small coaching changes on the staff. anyone else hear anything?

Anonymous said...

you've got to have patience. Big East is in the future.

UMass74 said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I find appealing:

1. Two OOC games against,say a Big Ten and a SEC team that will pay us an aggregate $2.5 million in REAL SPENDABLE MONEY. As opposed to our current $850K actual out-of-pocket deficit. We won't win those games, but we don't beat Delaware right now.

2. At least one Big East OOC game EVERY YEAR, or Army or Navy---with a chance of winning once we get going.

3. Twenty-two new scholarships for UMass women's sports to raise our national exposure

4. A TV contract that PAYS US rather than we having to contribute to the CAA fund to have one or two TV appearances a year.

5. A "Dome Bowl" game with 20,000 attending that PAYS US---as opposed to a FCS playoff game against Lehigh with 5,000---for expenses only.

6, And when the Big East ejects the Catholic basketball schools---and they will--we can say "Here we are!"

umass87 said...

I'm amazed at the alums who are questioning the move to the MAC. UMASS vs. Kent State at the FBS level is BY FAR more apppealing than UMASS vs. UNH at the FCS level. UCONN has provided the blueprint and the playbook for making the upgrade. I've been dumbfounded that it's taken so long for us to follow the road they paved. I understand that UCONN had clear sailing into the Big East but UMASS will have its day with the conference of its choice down the road. The important thing is for us to make the move into the big time. Everything else will fall into place. Just think about what UNH and Maine are thinking right now. Yikes, I would not want to be in their shoes. And how "jacked and pumped" do you think the URI alums are to be moving DOWN a level? I bet that URI-Bryant clash next season is going be a huge draw (NOT!). If UMASS were to stay in the FCS it would not have football by 2020. Bring on the BIG MAC ATTACK! UMASS FOOTBALL FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

The big east is in the future for umass, if umass goes to the mac. I'd say 5-7 years were in the big east. the economy getting better will help umass as well.