Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday --Dec 17th, 2010

The Boston Globe says UMass could move the MAC as soon as next month.

A couple of important items from the article. Note that the Kraft family is on board and UMass really needs an "angel" since we do not get much interest from the state legislature.

Second, see this quote from the article :"Increased revenue could also come simply from being an FBS school. UMass received a $550,000 guarantee from Michigan to play in Ann Arbor in September. As an FBS opponent, the Minutemen could very well double that. If they do that for one or two games per season, the financial gain could overcome any potential loss on the field, although UMass nearly pulled off an upset of Michigan this season.

Such payouts are routine. Ohio State, for example, which can bring in as much as $4 million for a home game, paid Navy $1 million to play the Midshipmen to open the 2009 season. Arkansas State got $1 million to play Auburn this season.

UMass could command similar payouts by traveling to Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; or Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Minutemen could also set up games in Foxborough against the other New England FBS schools, Boston College and Connecticut.

Again, the income from playing big time schools is REAL SPENDABLE MONEY, as opposed to accounting dollars that UMass takes out of one pocket and puts in another and then declares a "cost" of football.

We played Michigan tight and received $550,000. Bowling Green (a MAC school) got waxed and received $1.1 Million ----- for no other reason than they were FBS.


Nice story by 22News about former UMass football and baseball star Doug Clark.


Thanks to the reader that pointed me to this story about new Miami HC Al Golden's changes to the Hurricanes staff. It appears Mark Whipple will keep his job as OC.


A story about UConn in the Fiesta Bowl and the effects of going FBS. Relevant quote:

"    Look at where we are athletically, and look at where UMass is,” Tolokan said. “Or look at where Rhode Island is ... thank goodness for John’s decision.”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is carrying the Villanova-Eastern Washington game as well as ESPN2


Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww Sec 16

Been sitting back for a while just trying to recover from the Rhody loss, watching all of the posts and thinking about where the program should go.

Would offer some thoughts on the past season and where we should be next year and all of the possibilities for the future.

As for last season when we were 4-1 if you would have told me that we'd finish 6-5 I would have thought you were crazy. Up in the Top Roww we would offer a couple of games really high (or low) lighted our season. After the first 5 games we seemed to be in really good shape. Then came the Richmond game. For those that check up in the Top Roww we offered that we should challenge their big 3 DL Parker, LB McBride and DB Rogers. All 3 have made all american teams and will likely get a good shot at playing on Sunday very soon. All three were very good players and yet we were not able to direct our offense away from them. Seemed instead we were determined to beat these guys instead of winning the game against a very undermanned team. Next would be the UNH game. We throw for something like 450 yds but cannot generate points. We miss FG's, we commit turnovers in the endzone and most importantly we cannot press their offense. Though that was painful to watch. Not as painful as watching Richmond get a win that they should have never had a shot at. Last would be the Rhody game. Again we cannot seem to get our kicking game in order. We lose makeable points over and over. Again we cannot seem to stop teams when we needed to. For Rhody to get a TD on 4th down when we all knew they be throwing into the endzone and some of our DB's are playing 2-3 yds deep INTO THE ENDZONE ! ! ! ! What is this about! ! ! ! ! To quote Jim Mora "... Playoffs, Playoffs????. . . . " nope see ya later on that one. We couldn't seem to stop yet another not very good offensive team for reasons that are troubling to think about.

When comparing this to how we played at Michigan well it is like night vs day. No correct that it is like a dark stormy night versus a clear as day comparision. more to follow

Anonymous said...

some more from the Top Roww.

So we start out 4-1 and then go 2-4 over the next 6 w/ games against Rhody and Richmond that we should have never ever have lost. Taking into account that UNH played well and we didn't and against UDel we miss multiple FG's and turn the ball over in the endzone to hand them a win too we still should have finished 8-3 at the worst. Of course games are won on the field and not in chat rooms. Richmond's big 3 came to play and play they did. Why we could not adjust and take advantage of them is beyond reasonable thought. Why we repeatedly over and over miss, doink or just can't seem to make FG's or effectively punt well or worse kickoff in bounds is even more to stew over. Special teams for us was a miserable adventure every time a kick was involved. We could seemingly return the ball well but when we had to kick it was anyones gues how it would all go.

Defense had a lot of question marks before the season even began. At seasons end some were answered and yet others seem to still exist due to in part the scheme we run and the hard to understand refusal to make some adjustments. Real simple - if you cannot stop the run you will have a long day. We started out pretty well stopping the run. One has to wonder how much losing K Byrne for the last half of the season did for us. Did not see him on the sidelines at the last few games and wonder what happened. He seemed to show a lot of good play against BillnMary and Michigan thats for sure. No defense can ask their DB's to cover for a while, you have ot have a pass rush. Either from the DL or through schemes QB's have to be uncomfortable against us. Too often other QB's got to throw and watch the ball - can't happen. Look at films from jsut a few yrs ago. David Burris who as a DE was all of 6'0 245 could get to QB's well by using leverage and keeping his motor going to get to the QB's spot. Too often many of our DL's would battle the OL's when that is exactly what these guys want us to do. This has to change next year. We thought our LB's did a very good job. Holmes was tremendous all year long.

Some more still to follow

Anonymous said...

ok last one from the Top Roww

Holmes made plays all year for us but he is only 1 player. Others have to step up. Perry Mac is a MLB not a OLB. He is either a big MLB or move him to DE. Andre might be the answer at MLB but he needs to keep his head in the game. For someone who pretty much only played on specials we heard his number too often for penalties. Our DB's should be much better next yr since we return everyone except for Ke'mon and Carven and Woody. We have a lot of experience coming back.

As for all of the talk about moving up we would offer that going to the MAC is not the best choice. Too many teams too far away and even if we play at Gillette playing teams from so far away will not likely generate big crowds at Gillette or at McGuirk. Sure the paydays may be good but is it really worth it. Now if we are going to go to the Big East then we like this idea a lot more. Playing UConn and Syracuse is really nice and likely playing BC often good as well. Seems that going to this conference makes a lot more sense. We would also offer that up in the Top Roww we like the CAA and would think seeking out UAlbany, Holy Cross, Stony Brook and maybe Colgate as well to either form a CAA North or a new league -along w/ UMass, UNH and UMaine - would be a good a good idea. We just wonder if going to the MAC is really a good idea since the closest teams are Buffalo or Temple and the rest we really have nothing in common with and we are not likely to develop much w/ teams like the other MAC teams.

Here is for hoping next yr is a good one. We have a very good OL coming back, Very good RB's, TE's and (we hope) receivers. We hope the defense improves like they should and we really, really hope our special teams get back to where they should be.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that people don't see the HUGE benefits of going to the MAC but only "want" the Big East! This is the same stubborn thinking that got us 20 years behind the eight ball! Finally the Admin is being pro active so that we may position ourselves for the Big East down the road or it will NEVER happen staying in a doomed FCS!Frank, made 6 great points as to why we should move in the comments from Wenesdady's Blog (12/15)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comments,
Moving to the MAC might have a positive outcome on the bottom line (although 22 more scholarships and a lot of travel needs to be factored in ) but what do we have in common with Toledo, Akron, Ball State,Kent State etc. etc.?? Who exactly is going to be attracted to those games?

UMass74 said...

There are problems with doing nothing.

Dilemma #1: The CAA is shifting south. Northeastern, Hofstra have dropped football and Rhode Island is leaving. That means a lot of travel (Georgia State is a plane ride) for little in return.

Dilemma #2: Do you REALLY want to leave the FCS' most successful conference for another, and lesser, FCS league?

Dilemma #3: Do you REALLY want to go back to the 1950's with a New-Old Yankee Conference? Although Albany and Stony Brook will be good FCS teams, who will be interested in those games?

All of us would love to be in the Big East. But that ain't happening right now. And it ain't happening EVER if we stay in FCS.

As the saying is:" If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."