Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Recruiting 2011---Jeremiaha Gates

A star-Banner image reports UMass has offered to Jeremiaha Gates a 5-10 205 RB from Trinity Catholic in Ocala, FL. page here.

This article mentions him.

Gates ran for 188 yards and 5 TD's in the Florida class 2B state championship.

He ran for 1,091 yards and 26 TD's in his senior season.

Besides UMass, gates holds offers from Ohio and Eastern Michigan. Drawing interest from Duke, Florida Atlantic, Marshall and Pitt.


vetteson said...

Ok UMass football fans, beware this foe!

Anonymous said...

Hello from the Top Roww Sec 16

Well well well we sure have a lot of "VERY" New England Patriot type fans. That is pretty good and not so good at the same time when refering to our team.

To think even for a little bit that the players we get are "undersized" or "not too good" is really ...sort of... well . . . funny.

Would not take to much to check this out in person. Every pactice and game you can see our players up close and personal. Our OL is as big as any in the country. No matter the level. Hard to understand when our good fans go off like this but more than a few have done just that.

Look at our teams from the last few years and you will see a mix of heralded recruits who did well and those who didn't. The reasons for both are many. From the team coming up in 2011 you have players like Hernandez who was a very good HS player in MA (ok here it comes players in MA play on one leg and weigh 100 lbs bla bla bla). When he first got here he ran scout team and did not play a down. Second yr as a R So he played on the kickoff team and did well. 2 seasons ago he gets some time partly due to injuries to Tonly Nelson and partly because he worked for the opportunity. Last yr he is becomes one of the best backs in the conference. A few yrs back Josh Chivers was scout team offensive player of the year 2x before he ever played a down as a Jr. He had already graduated and decides to come back as a grad student and wins the starting job at Center. Plays his whole senior year and did a good job too.

For way way way too many "new England Patriot" type fans it has become way too easy to see what they do and think it "should" work everywhere. Those are the pro's and much older.

more to follow

Anonymous said...

That's a pathetic looking mascot, kind of like there pathetic record this season. Who decides that a kangaroo should be a university mascot anyways?

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww sec 16

was at the UMass v Michigan game and our OL handled their defensive front all day long. Our front 7 on defense did well too but yes we are a little - and only a little small on the fron 7. From the Top Roww sec 16 we will offer some educated guesses for how to resolve these issues after this post.

Every yr this team has players who have worked hard and play well and we also have players who because of grades. trouble w/ the law, young adult disenchantment or what ever reason do not work out. Up in the Top Roww we really like supporting those who come out and work hard and improve each year. For this past season we just loved watching Scott Duggan. Gets converted from LB to FB and does a nice job as a lead blocker. We though we should have stuck w/ him in the backfield more often but apparently for reason we do not understand it was not to be. Anyways for us - or any team you have to have a Duggan - to be successfull. For the Pats it for a long time was Bruschi. Has none of the measurables to make him a good player but always played smart and and tough and hiustled and that those qualities filled in a lot of maybe physical shortcomings. How many knew he was a walk on at Arizona. Yup that means he was not a 3 star or 4 star he was a no star and look how he did.

Stop whining about this star stuff and support the team. Get them into the weight room and out running and stretching and we will be fine.

Now for some educated guesses on the lineup for next yr.

Anonymous said...

If we go to the mac why not reach out to don brown and bring him back. he always wanted to be a 1a coach.

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww sec 16 where are glasses are always half full

OK here goes well we think a teams success always starts on the OL and DL and we think we should be fine. Maybe very good but some team questions will have to be resolved.

OL We have Spiller at OT 6'5 325 (yup a small one) who better be at least a All Conf pick next yr. He came out w/ his hair on fire but seemed to play w/ too many thoughts in his head as the season went on. Just go play guy and you will be fine. Attitude goes a long way. Then we have OG 6'2 310 Josh Samuda (yup another small one) who will be back for his 3rd season as a starter. At Center we have Quinton Sales a tiny 6'3 285 whgo started about 3-4 games after the brains of the OL went down. Then we have 6'5 320 Stephen Milhilm at OT and 6'5 300 Brian Oz at OG. We also have upcoming 6'5 290 Ryan Young at likely OG and 6'6 315 Travis Poston at OT and another OT and sometimes OG 6'7 295 Anthony Dima along w/ 6'6 310 "if he is an ounce" Sean Conner at OT and the strongest dude on the field 6'4 310 Vincent Westcarr at OT. yup a bunch of small ones for sure. Then move over to TE we have a great bunch of TE's starting w/ Emil at 6'1 245 and who also can play HB or FB going along w/ 6'4 255 Rob Blanchflower and newcomer Nick Jablonski at 6'5 235. Yup more small ones. We have very good RB's and the receivers should be good as well the only one we are unsure about is QB. Havens really, really improved as the season went on. If our QB next yr can play as well w/ these players coming up we should be just fine on offense.

On Th we will talk Defense and then on Fr Specials

For now all we have to say is "enough of this "star" stuff lets see them get to work & no one has ever drowned from sweating too much while working out.

UMass74 said...

Akron mascot from comment #1

Anonymous said...

Top Row I wouldn't be to unsure about that QB position, I've talked to penty of guys about filling in Havens spot, and they all said Hill is the real deal and probably could have played last year but Morris made sure he stayed red shirted. I think finding receivers is more what i'm worried about to give some help to Talley.

Anonymous said...

One downside of moving to the FBS: we won't see many transfers. I agree; receivers are needed, at least to bolster Talley's experience/ We also need to recruit another RB; we're thin at the ranks. On defense, maybe some interior linemen for depth, some experienced CBs, and a kicker. All else seems pretty damn good if not excellent.