Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday news 01/06/09

Yale ended up signing Tom Williams a defensive coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars as their new head coach.

He'll be coaching in a rebuilt Yale Bowl.


Patt Devlin has reported to the Delaware football team. His Penn State bio here .


We lose one to UNH in the recruiting wars. Chris Beranger a RB/DB from Winthrop MA verbaled to the Wildcats.



Anonymous said...

Hey we have Octavious Hawkins-so the Blue Hens can have Devlin


Anonymous said...

Not sure why the previous post as Octavious played slot back this past season and did not take any QB snaps in practice or games. Sounds to me like he is no longer playing QB position!

Anonymous said...

its official octavious is going back to quarterback i cant wait for spring

Anonymous said...

Wow, can you share your 'official' source that Hawkins is going back to QB this spring?

Anonymous said...

yes the buzz at the end of the semester before break was who was going to be back at quarterback, i play basketball with octavious and some other football players in the top of boyden and i over heard them talking about it, and octavious was talking to a short light skinned person about it i believe he played football he nothing but tattoos on his body disgusting