Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recruiting 2009 -- Thomas & Tim Brandt

UMass received verbals from Thomas and Tim Brandt of Natick, MA yesterday. That raises the number of UMass verbals to five (that I'm aware of).

Thomas Brandt is a 6-0 192 pd two star RB/LB his Rivals page is here .

Rivals also has him ranked as the #7 available prospect in MA .

Had interest from Boston College, Buffalo and UConn.


Also verbaling to UMass is Tim Brandt. He's the twin of Thomas and he's a 6-0 205 Rivals two star OLB .

His Rivals page is here .

Tim's image by Marshall Wolff/Walpole Daily News


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI, these 2 guys verbaled last week before Morris was hired.Notimplying anything just the facts.

Anonymous said...

Possible OC of U Miami-Mark Whipple?????

Anonymous said...

no the eagles O Coach

UMass 2008 Schedule/Results said...

"Get on board or get out of the way" ?
I guess freedom of speech is no longer allowed on this board.

Kevin Morris I believe is the one who said he was recruiting a JC QB.

We lost last year to Maine by 1 in Amherst and more than 30 to NH.

I am not impressed with #7 prospect in Massachusetts. We are recruiting against Maine, NH, URI, Northeastern, and CT for Massachusetts athletes. If he is the #7 available prospect recruited in the CAA then we would have something to get excited about. Put me in the category of people who are afraid we aren't going to get the quality recruits we have in the past.

We need to recruit 15-20 kids every year and we aren't going to get very many from the schools in Massachusetts. Lets go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Considering that all the other top Massachusetts recruits on that list are either going to or considering BCS schools, I'd say that's pretty good company to be in, and not something to put down.

UMass74 said...

Yes, one could infer from the list that he is a I-A or close to I-A recruit.

Also, since he is in-state, his scholarship "costs" half what an out-of-state recruit is measured, that means there is money available for additional recruits.

And we ARE the University of Mass football team, so MA recruits are a good thing in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

this is probably the best the kid could do. mass athletes arent very athletic when their compared to kids around the country.umass best players are not from mass. football in massachusetts isnt qualified even to be mediocre.

Anonymous said...

Again, the kid above him on the list committed to Iowa. The kid below him committed to UConn. Unless Rivals is way off, he's a great get for a FCS program. If there's a wrench in the works, it may be that they wanted to go someplace where both brothers would get playing time. Given their similar body types, they stood a good chance of having to compete for the same minutes at a BCS program. At UMass, they might both develop into starters.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The last time we had brothers on the team, (the halas brothers) they both didnt make it out of camp.....lets see how these 2 do.

hampfan said...

we can not change what happened over the last few days, so lets get onboard and suport the coaches and players. myself and friends will be there to support them. go umass.

dennisdent said...

How can you forget the great Hatchell brothers.