Sunday, January 04, 2009

Recruiting 2009 --- Daren Davis Part II

I've blogged before about Daren Davis a 6-1 197 pd OLB from Plantation FL.

UMass scouted the North-South Broward All-Star practices.

Davis is a member of the South squad.

He was a member of the 2008 Class 5A All-Florida team.

YouTube highlight film here .

Albany has joined UMass, Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee in teams interested.


Anonymous said...

a little off topic but any new word on coach brown and the yale job?

UMass74 said...

By the boards. Brown has withdrawn his name. He will remain UMass coach.

List of some Florida HS games said...

Link I found about games in Florida.

They had their state playoff games and a number of other bowl games.

Are we / did we send any coaches to attend any others?

Will we be sending anyone to the January 10'th game (Treasure Coast Outback Bowl) or the Dade County vs Broward County All Star Game January 16, 2009?