Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday News 01/23/09

Kyle Havens, the JUCO QB from California, moves to UMass on Sunday. Matty Vautour's article also has some quotes about UMass' twin recruits Tom and Tim Brandt.

Back in the '60s we had five Toner brothers play for UMass, but have we ever had twins? Anyone know?


David Coulson has FCS news here .


Lawrence Sidbury, the Richmond DE that kicked Montana's ass in the FCS Championship game, will play in the Senior Bowl tomorrow.

In our game against Richmond, we did pretty good against Sidbury. He had 2UT 4 AT 0.5 TFL. No sacks.


Travis, from AGS, is again work on his 2009 master schedule site.


Jack Bicknell, who many UMass fans hoped would coach the Minutemen, is leaving Boston College for the NY Giants.


Martin Hyppolite, the RB from Wakefield, that UMass was strongly interested in committed to UConn on 01/18/09.

I had blogged about him before .



Anonymous said...

does anyone know for sure how many seasons havens played at CC? i believe that i saw that he only played fball for one year in high school. either way, he may not be as experienced or polished as some of our current QB's on the roster.

Anonymous said...

he played four years in high school and then gray shirted at dvc before play9ing the last two years

Anonymous said...

just curious, where did you get the above info?

Anonymous said...

from a reliable family member

Anonymous said...

in 2003 his high school team went 10-0 in 2004 6-5, in 2005 they went 12-3 and won the north coast 2A championship,after gray shirting his freshman year at dvc , his 2nd season with dvc he played in 8 games ,and this year he started all 10 games,he threw for 3017 yds.with 13 ints, and 27 touchdowns,he was 2nd team all league behind 1st team and the #1 JUCO quarterback in the country Adam Froman(going to louisville).