Friday, January 16, 2009

Eight Days into the new coach search 01/16/09

BTW, it was -18 degrees here in Jaffrey this morning.


The Boston Herald says the coaching search has been narrowed to three candidates.

Relevant quote "The committee is reportedly enamored with a third unnamed candidate."

UPDATE: Matty Vautour disagrees with the Herald. He believes that there are still six names on the UMass' hot sheet--- and one of them is not Boston College's OC Steve Logan, who resigned today. He predicts a hire by the end of next week.


Memo to UMass football players: Don't buy supplements through the mail.


QB Andrew Hatch. Harvard--LSU--back to Harvard?


We loose one in the recruiting wars to SIU.


The recession, it's getting brutal out there .



Anonymous said...

Could it be Whip!!!!

Anonymous said...

From the Herald, the definition of a loser. There are a lot of great guys with great personalities. This guy has demonstrated he doesn't know how to win.
If UMass elects to look outside, it could be the well-traveled Masella, who is 33-44 in seven years as a head coach, including 16-18 in three years at Fordham. Masella was also the last head coach of the now-defunct Boston University program, where he was 2-20 in two years. He is a familiar face around Amherst, having served as the defensive coordinator for two years during Mark Whipple’s tenure.
Why is he even being considered?

UMass74 said...

Masella is highly regarded in coaching circles. His record at BU was during the time they were in the process of dropping football.

He was head coach at CCSU when they had 17 straight losing seasons. He went 8-2 in his first year and was Northeast Conference Coach-of-the-Year (2004).

At Fordham, he was the 2007 Patriot League Coach-of-the-year, American Football Coaches Northeast Coach-of-the-year and Eddie Robinson FCS National Coach-of-the-year finalist.

In I-A/FBS his defense at Louisana Tech was the best in school history. He had offers to be a assistant coach in other I-A schools, but he's a Northeast guy and wanted to return to this area.

BTW, I noticed some people are puzzled by the number of votes Kevin Morris is getting. Those votes could be coming from UMass football players. He's a popular coach with team.

Anonymous said...



That is not impressive in any league.
If he was an average coach his record doesn't show it.

If he is hired, do you think he would will suddenly change and figure out how to win?

He either can't recruit, or can't motivate, or can't hire good assistants, or can't game day plan, or can't do any of them.

I have no doubt he has a great personality, he may be a great guy, he certainly isn't a winning coach.

Personally I will take a Bill Belichick personality that wins over a Masella.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the illegal supplements: IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE!

Anonymous said...

I played for him he is a loser

Anonymous said...

Who called the offensive plays in 2006. If you remember our punter hardly was on the field!
Was it Morris!
If so then he must have done something right!

Anonymous said...

Is it Steve Logan from BC!!!

Anonymous said...

Would make sense that the undisclosed name is from BC, what with the change there, too. I'd like to know who it is. Obviously, the candidate does not want his name released publicly.

Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Masella may be highly regarded in the coaching circle, but that doesn't put any wins up on the board. Morris is familiar with the system, the players like him, and he obviously has done something right running the offense the past few years. Best candidate in my opinion.