Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon and happy to be home 01/13/09

Matty Vautour has an article on the current state of UMass football. Relevant quote"

McCutcheon said despite the state of the economy, UMass is not decreasing its commitment to the football program. He said the new coach is inheriting a program he expects to remain a contender for conference and national titles in the Football Championship Subdivision.

"We've been successful at the national level. It's part of what our goals are for the athletic program here," McCutcheon said. "We're giving the kids a good experience and we're doing it in the right way.

"The economy will create challenges no doubt, but we will work through those as a department and cross the bridges as we come to them," he added. "We intend to stay committed to football."

The Blog thinks this is very good news indeed. Unless a UMass fan is totally out of touch, it would be hard to miss the current recession. Although I have not mentioned it, I was expecting some negative repercussions for UMass football. If all that happens is FBS football is put on the back burner, I think we can count ourselves lucky. It could be much, much worse.

This means:

  • Brown did not leave because of cuts in resources.
  • We could expect a coaching hire with the intent to keep UMass in the top of the Division
  • 2009 recruits should find UMass a desirable place to play.

Meanwhile, Boston college still has its thumb up its butt. Matty infers that UMass would be strongly interested in either of the two Boston College coaches Frank Spaziani or Jack Bicknell, Jr. If either one of them became the next UMass Head Coach, he might bring some recruits and assistant coaches with him.

More on the BC drama from the Boston Globe. The article mentions another coach I think would be a great get for UMass , Florida Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio.


The Richmond Spiders have announced their 2009 schedule. That adds another date to UMass' known 2009 schedule:
  • 09/05 @ Kansas State
  • 09/12 @ Albany
  • 10/10 @ Delaware
  • 10/24 @ Richmond

UPDATE: Matty Vautour reports BC announced Spaz in their man.

UPDATE II: More tea leaves from the athletic dept.

UPDATE III: UMass announces the search committee for UMass football Head Coach.

UPDATE: IV: Boston college makes it official, the Eagles hire Spaziani here .


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Anonymous said...

Spaziani would awesome.

Anonymous said...

Coach Brown is an unbelievable coach who did a great job here, but he didn't do it by himself. Why wouldn't you want to keep a staff that holds the greatest 5 year record UMass has ever seen. Kevin Morris has had one of the best offenses in the country why isn't he the hands down pick. Look at the players he has developed: Baylark, London, Coen, Rancher, Nelson,Cruz,Matt Lawrence and many more. Were talking about pro players. You think they would want to keep a staff like the one we already have here and build off past success rather than start over. Not to mention the recruits and current players UMass will lose by hiring an outside canidate. Doesn't make much sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Just like they lost when they hired Brown? Another outside guy.

Anonymous said...

Why not hire Kevin Morris? Three words: half back pass

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"We intend to stay committed to football."

Lets not talk about players who were "developed".

Coach Brown recruited those players and it should be acknowledged.

Lets talk about players that were recruited, the lifeblood of the football program. You decide if you want a championship football program. You can't have one unless you increase the recruiting budget.

Please, Lets hire someone who has shown he can recruit, not someone who was head coach of some AA program.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Not confusing. You don't "develop" players if they don't come to your college. You coach the players on your team and if they have a great work ethic and ability they will learn and improve.

You recruit great players or players who have the potential to be great.

If you want your team to be great and compete for the FCS national championship you better be a great recruiter who has contacts were the great players are.

Anonymous said...

"You decide if you want a championship football program. You can't have one unless you increase the recruiting budget.

Please, Lets hire someone who has shown he can recruit, not someone who was head coach of some AA program."

Yes, it is confusing.

Who is "you", and why does UMass need to increase its recruiting budget? They are already one of the tops programs in the country.

What is a AA coach?

Anonymous said...

Brown did NOT recuit any of the players you listed. He left because all of his talent that Whipple recuited are gone! The current umass team already had their plane resevations to go home prior to the devestating loss to NH none of them with the exception of a few were there to play and NO coaching was done as we sat behind the team benches no one was even talking to the players never mind coaching good luck to Brown as he now moves on to develop someone elses recurits

Anonymous said...

Another person who has no idea what they are talking about.