Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recruiting 2009-- Kyle Havens QB

Woah! The Kevin Morris era stated with a bang as UMass just signed Kyle Havens a Rivals three star QB from Diablo Valley Community College.

Kyle Havens, a 6-5 230 pd pro-style JUCO verbaled to UMass today.

Rivals position rating of 5.5. viz. "5.7-5.5 All-Region Selection; considered among the region's top prospects and among the top 750 or so prospects in the country; high-to-mid-major prospect; deemed to have pro potential and ability to make an impact on college team "

Video highlights here .

More Diablo Valley CC offensive highlights here .

The links do work, I think we're jamming up their server.

Diablo Valley C.C. had a passing attack that ranked No. 2 in the state of California. The Vikings averaged over 425 yards and 36 points per game in 2008.

Scout.con has him as the #18 JUCO QB in the country.

Chose UMass over Hawaii, Colorado State, Marshal, Middle Tennessee, Hofstra and Eastern Michigan.


Bob McGovern said...

Wow... friggin huge.

Anonymous said...

That's What I Am Talking! Either get back on board or get out of the way.

UMass74 said...

Somewhere in snowy New England, Victor Cruz and Jeremy Horne just got about 30 text messages each


Anonymous said...

kid looks real good. But did any one else notice that he was rarely ever under center the whole highlight tape? does that mean we could go to a different offense? Looked like the Colts out there

Anonymous said...

Wow. Another person suggested that we would be recruiting a Juco QB . Good call.

Anonymous said...

Two more recruits verbaled yesterday:

Tim Brandt (LB) Tom Brandt (RB) from Natick

Anonymous said...

Nice size with potential. Zings a good ball with accuracy, according to the video, has a strong arm and is fairly mobile for his size. But, UMass doesn't play in DIII and the DB's he will be facing are bigger, faster, and stronger. So, I doubt he will meet with the same success until or unless he develops further. He better learn how to look off the DB's instead of throwing at his primary receiver almost every time. The CAA will eat him alive if he doesn't! I also suspect he will be in a much more intense weight and strength trainning program than he has presently been and this will help him tremenously. I think from what I have seen over the years UMass's Strength does a good job with the players from year to year. Hope the kid does well here!