Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interviews with Todd Bankhead and Jason Peebler

A blog reader sent me the link to Anton Azucar's Blog.

He's a huge Hurricanes fan.

He has two interviews with former UMass players concerning their time with new Miami OC Mark Whipple.

Todd Bankhead interview here .

Jason Peebler interview here .

Lest you forget, Bankhead is still the #2 QB in UMass history with 561/931 comp/att 7,018 yards and 51 TD's. He holds the #1 and #2 highest single season average/game ('98, '99)

Peebler is the #5 career receiver in UMass history with 123/2,395 rec/yards 27 TD's. He's #2 in career average per catch of 19.5 yards/catch.


Anonymous said...

Read the Bankhead interview. Did anybody else? near the end he states that Whip called him a MF'er. If he called Bankhead that how did he treat the rest of his players? He ends up laughing it off but I would wonder if he would want his kids to play for him. Would YOU?? National Championship yes... Class NO

Anonymous said...

You have obviously never been around college coaches. Probably never even high school coaches. Type of parent who whines to the coach if little johhny isn't playing or if the coach raises his voice.

Anonymous said...

was a college coach for ten years... currently a HS coach and a UMass football follower. Never felt the need to MF a player. get in his face.. bench him... but MF not needed. in fact, in my 20+ years of coaching I have only heard one coach (from an opposing team) cuss a player like that

Anonymous said...

you must have been coaching some low low level competition. when peoples jobs are on the line mfers get used. must have been a trash job.haha

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a UMass follower because I played football at UMass.
I had the pleasure to play for the following coaches who are or were in the NFL
Jim Reid
Clarence Brooks
Paul Ferraro (sp)
Steve Spagnolo
Bob Karmelowitz
I might be a low level coach. I can assure you that none of these NFL coaches EVER MF'ed a player. Bob Pickett I'm sure saw to that. Although we didn't win a national championship while I was there, we had the finest coaches in the land as attested by their success.

Doug Berry CFL Head coach
Bob McConnell coach at LSU
Paul Pawlack NFL scout
also never needed to MF anyone either.
Although Mike Hodges never coached above the UMass level, I would put him in the same league as these fine men

Anonymous said...

I coached four different sports over a period of 35 years and never once even thought of using that type of language to address a youngster. Period! It's the mark of an unprincipled, lack of self-control, and lack of good character person. Besides this, most youngsters won't respond to this type of degrading in public so it can only hurt the cause. It gives the impression of a lack of intelligence on the part of the coach.

FYI, I was fortunate enough to have 3 undefeated seasons in football at two different institutions out of the 7 seasons I was head coach. This was done by respecting my charges and setting an example that my mother would be proud of. I suggest Whip might want to consider doing the same. He probably will be even more successful than he has been. Just a thought!