Monday, October 13, 2008

UMass-Northeastern Web Album

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I took my point-and-shoot digital camera to the Northeastern game because I knew I would be riding the "T" and doing some walking. The Canon 30D with the big lens is a boat anchor.

Turns out that the T was doing some track repair and I had to get off the train and take a slow shuttle bus to nowhere to make it to Parsons Field.

The point-and-shoot is not a bad camera, but the battery has the lifespan of a fruit fly....

Anyway, a forty-image Picasa web album is here .


Anonymous said...

What? No obligatory cheerleader picture? :)

Anonymous said...

Which team will Brandon London root for this weekend? Could this be the weekend when fans are turned away due to sellout? Or will temporary bleachers be rolled out in the endzone?

UMass74 said...

Hopping for another 15,000 + UMass fans this weekend.

No endzone bleachers. That voids the warranty on the Field Turf.