Wednesday, October 08, 2008

UMass attendance 2008

The stadium lights are energizing the attendance at UMass football games. 1999's average of 14,688 was the record. See this article by Jeff Thomas.

When I attended the 2003 UMass game against Kansas State, a K-State fan said the Cats made about $1 million per home game. Delaware, with a 22,000 seat stadium averages about half that.

Last Saturday's game with 15,767 had to have made a profit for the athletic dept. It's not just the ticket sales. I bought a coke and it was $2.50/bottle. While it's unlikely that the students spent any money, the rest of the crowd probably did.

UMass AD John McCutcheon wrote a thank you to the fans and students here .

The average attendance of CAA teams are as follows:

22,112 - Delaware
16,142 - James Madison
15,767 - UMass
(92.5% capacity)
10,469 - William & Mary
8,604 - Villanova
7,215 - New Hampshire (111% of capacity)
6,769 - Richmond (only 31% of capacity for top-five team in the nation)
5,609 - Hofstra
4,807 - Maine
4,589 - Towson
4,449 - Rhode Island (surprise 67% of capacity)
1,137 - Northeastern (only one home game so far)

Teams in red are meeting the minimum standards for a FBS/I-A team.


Anonymous said...

Two points.

Instead of writing a letter acknowledging a problem, why didn't you fix the problems last week before you wrote the letter? (Bathrooms, concessions, entrance, tailgating). John, Are they going to be fixed before the 2009 season? How about entertainment 1 hour before every game so that students are already in the stands.

With a little bit of advertising we could easily match Delaware's attendance. If we can maintain a 90% capacity then it is time to add more seats. More parking should be added in any case!!

Go UMass

Anonymous said...

Is it necessary for you to find negatives about EVERYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Let's see how many of the 15K we can squeeze into Northeastern's HS stadium on Saturday.

Negative or Objective? said...

Are they Negative or Objective Observations.

I learned a long time ago to understand the difference and how to analyze a problem. If I could write a check to fix everything I would. For too many years UM Fans have fallen into the trap of accepting mediocrity from its athletic department.

If we don't identify, write and talk about issues nothing will change. McCutcheon's letter is an example of his response to a problem which would have been ignored before we had the internet to publicize problems.

Why are you or any UMass Fan willing to accept what is going on in Amherst?

Anonymous said...

I know of 10 "true" UMASS fans that will be @ NE on Saturday. Be supportive fans and spread the word. If everyone brings a friend and that friend brings a friend, etc., then we just might fill NE's house. It will be a nice day for a drive into the City. Life is too short to be B......g, get out and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Kellogg was interviewed last night before the Celtics vs Philadelphia game.

He mentioned that UMass was going to build a basketball practice facility? This is the first time I heard something was in the works. Where is it going to be built? How much is it going to cost?

They talked about scheduling games in Boston and Worcester to tap into the 200K Alumni in the Boston and Worcester markets. We have a game with Northeastern - will President Wilson be there encouraging the big donars to make contributions.

Anonymous said...

They are negative comments and you do it all the time about everything. You just like to complain.

MinuteFan said...

Great job with the blog, Frank. It's the first thing I read every day, but I have rarely posted comments. But I can't sit back and listen to this negativity about what is "going on" in Amherst any more without at least giving my opinion. I'm a season ticket holder who drives from Boston every weekend for the games, plus every reachable road game (including Navy, W&M, Montana and Chattanooga twice). There is no question that the game-day football experience is much better today than I ever remember it. The new field turf replacing the old swamp was a huge upgrade. The lights allow for a much better tailgate experience before the games because there is more time. I see MUCH more student support and participation, and thus far I could not be prouder of how the students have behaved. They are partying and having a good time, but they seem to be well in control, cleaning up after themselves, etc. I bring my girlfriend (not a UMass alum) and dog (also not an alum) to every game and they both think its a great day.

So what is the problem? That its not the same as going to a game at USC or LSU? Get over that dream. UMass football will never be big-time in that sense. Amherst is not a good sports town and never will be and it has very little to do with marketing. The local people are not interested, it is not in a convenient location, and Massachusetts is all about pro sports. Most people would rather spend money to tour an empty Fenway Park than go to a UMass football game. Or a BC game, for that matter.

I think the increase in attendence and enthusiasm is a great thing this year, and the athletic administration, Coach Brown and the players deserve a lot of credit. They are trying some things out. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, then they try something else looking for the right answer. As for providing entertainment to get students in the stadium earlier, I think they are enjoying the entertainment outside and have no desire to get in earlier.

And a new stadium? Granted, McGirk is not a beautiful stadium. But with the realities of the UMass budget, there are only two reasons to build a new one. Either this one is structurally unsafe and repair costs would be prohibitive or we consistently sell it out and people are left outside. Neither of those is the case right now.

Sorry for the long post. But we are a perennial playoff contender with a new field, new lights and a visible increase in attendence and support. Just wanted to say that there are many of us who are happy with the direction things are going.

UMass74 said...

The whole UMass Athletic Dept and UMass football in particular has some positive momentum.

I have always said that the athletic dept had to invest some money (granted many years they did not have any), to get interest in UMass sports.

The upgrades in the stadium show. It looks better and works better with the lights, field turf and new sound system. The increased attendance shows that.

And Coach Brown and the team have been winning. People don't come to see the team compete. They come to watch the team win.

Hopefully the UMass brain trust will continue to invest in UMass athletics and keep the improvements rolling even in a tough economic climate.

Now if Kellogg can get the BB team into the NCAA's...

Anonymous said...

Frank you have a Great Blog. Your posts are the first thing I read everyday. This is where problems with the athletic department are identified or links provided to articles which detail the problems with the athletic department.

Great Epistle by the athletic department. It has always been good debating tactics to change the subject (to negativity) when you want to ignore the points made by your opponent during the debate.

As Frank pointed out, Texas Tech makes $1M /game and Delaware about half. Installing lights 10 yrs ago, or 5 yrs ago would have more than provided a ROI from increased ticket sales and fan support.

Jason, Instead of using manpower to write posts on bulletin boards how about using that same manpower to fix some of the easier problems?

Negative or objective? You be the judge.

MinuteFan said...

OK, I'll just say this once, because I don't care if Mr. Negativity buys it or not. I am in no way associated with UMass or the UMass athletic department. Just an alum, Class of '77 who loves UMass football. The post I made was my opinion. You are entitled to yours.


dennisdent said...

Minutefan—outstanding post, which I totally agree with. Mr. Negative--you're welcome to your opinions—BUT you really should up your prescription dosage...