Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Morning-before-the-Big-Game-with-Richmond articles

The UMass Daily Collegian has a pair of Richmond game articles here and here .

The Richmond Times has a UMass-Spiders article here .

The Harrisonburg Daily News says the New England CAA schools are the rust belt of the league .

David Coulson has his weekly "Around FCS" column here .

Bruce Dowd has a long recap of last week's Richmond-JMU contest (with images) here .


Speaking of JMU, they may have lost two linebackers for the season during the Richmond game.

The season for the Delaware Blue Hens just keeps getting worse . And more worse .


Matty Vautour says that more than forty members of the 1998 UMass National Championship game will attend this week's Richmond game.

This list of attending players is from the UMass website:"Here is a list of 1998 football players who have RSVP'd that they will be attending the 10 Year Anniversary at the UMass-Richmond football game. In no particular order: Head Coach Mark Whipple, Marcel Shipp, Pete Cariello, Greg Ward, Andy Maclay, Sean Higgins, Mike Wynne, Bryan King, Dan Schneider, Cliff Bolden, Bryah Gifford, Matt Murphy, Khalil Blakely, Bill Barry, Scott Shearer, David Melendez, Chris Tobiaz, Kevin Quinlan, Lance Overby, Jason Cherry, Jeremy Robinson, Aaron Parker, Christian Erhartic, Mim Hill, Mike Smith, Todd Bankhead, Kole Ayi, Eric Bross, Ed Campbell, Chris Price, Dan Healey, Kerry Taylor, Adam Quitt, Adrian Zullo, Khari Samuel, Deyate Haygood, Jamel Thomas, Saud Paul Bolden, Compton Webster, Steve Ley, Tyler Laubach, James St. Fort."


Anonymous said...

from Frank's notes
Speaking of JMU, they may have lost two linebackers for the season during the Richmond game.

I will repeat what Coach Brown told me a few yrs ago when I asked him about playing 2 games against FBS teams to raise funds. He responded the danger of injury was too high and he didn't want to add a 2'nd FBS team. Playing a team that is bigger and faster than we are like Michigan is foolish. There are other ways of raising funds that take a little effort and marketing, ie donations and ticket sales. McCutcheon certainly knows this.

Anonymous said...

Possibly playing Michigan is the same as playing 2 FBS teams? I don't think so. Texas Tech is a better team then Michigan, and we came out of that in fairly good shape.