Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bulletin, Bulletin, Bulletin

From Matty Vautour's blog note on today's Sports Luncheon"

At today's sports luncheon, UMass athletic director John McCutcheon said that the Minutemen were in very early discussions about with a Bowl Subdivision Team about a game that would pay UMass near "a million dollars."

They were so early in the discussions that he hadn't discussed it with coach Don Brown yet. When Brown came to the stage for his own speech. He asked McCutcheon who the team was. McCutcheon's answer was inaudible, but Brown's response was "Oooh. I like the Big House."

The Big House, of course, is Michigan's stadium.

Afterward McCutcheon downplayed the exchange and wouldn't even confirm Michigan, but said he and Not-Necessarily-Michigan had spoken."

I'm so there whenever it is.


Anonymous said...

Playing teams (guaranteed loss) like Michigan and Texas Tech to get a big payday? If you really want to raise funds for the football program how about marketing the team to increase attendance. How about actually asking fans and alumni for donations for the football program instead of asking people to contribute to the general athletic budget. Then we can schedule teams that we can beat.

Anonymous said...

Last year, I heard U Mass was considering Arizona State, San Jose State and Wisconsin as possible FBS teams in '11 or '12.

Zasty84 said...

Rent a Victim----for $1M!!! I love it!!! $1M is getting to be cheap.

Anonymous said...

spthe thing is when you start to travel to AZ or CA the football team doesn't see much of the 1mil..

Anonymous said...

They are willing to risk serious injuries for $1M! What is this game coming to?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming those complaining about the possibility of playing Michigan make a solid contribution to the football program each and every year as well as attend all or almost all home games.

Anonymous said...

1. How about we play Michigan AND do all those other things to increase funding?

2. Show me a study that indicates that playing FBS teams carries a significantly higher risk of serious injury than playing FCS teams. This isn't 8th graders playing seniors.

3. Boston College should still be on the schedule for 2011, unless something has changed.