Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sean Smalls lost for the season

Sean Smalls is probably lost for the season .

Jeff Thomas has a another story about his injury here .

Matty Vautour has another story about Smalls here . He states Michael Hansen and Tony Nelson will be available for the Rhode Island game.

The UMass Blog and all UMass fans hope Sean completely recovers soon. Sean, drink lots of milk and get ready to crush the Combine tests. We appreciate all your work for the program over the last four years.



Anonymous said...

Funny how a lot of people are worried about injuries playing the top BCS teams and ironicaly we lose our best DB to a low FCS team!
Just proves that injuries happen no matter who the competition is.

Anonymous said...

horne with a celebration flag , smalls hurt because of highsteping, just play the game!!

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame. If I were coach Brown I would use this show boating example for the rest of my coaching career. This will not only cost him the the rest of his senior season but could have an impact on him being a draft selection. This may prevent him from showcasing his talents at 100% against the FBS guys in a few of the senior bowls.

Anonymous said...

to all yall haters sean is the best conerback umass ever and all the colleges and you dont like entainment dont hate congradulate