Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning Stories

Boston Globe says the Minutemen fall to Spiders .

The boston Herald has and article that the Minutemen were caught in the Spiders Web .

The Richmond Times says Vaughn set the tone .

The Worcester Telegram has an article here .

The Salem News has an article about UMass full back Chris Zardas .

Matty Vautour has a Richmond game story here .


Down by 21-3 to Northeastern, New Hampshire made a big comeback to win .

Life keeps getting worse for the Delaware Blue Hens as they did not score a TD in a 27-3 loss to William & Mary .

Villanova crushed Rhode Island 44-7 .

Maine beat Hofstra 41-40 in overtime .


For UMass the crowd of 15, 953 was the 21 st largest crowd in UMass history. It would be the 16th largest crowd with McGuirk in its current configuration of 17,000 capacity.



Anonymous said...

As we were leaving the stadium late last night, I couldn't believe the mess some tailgaters left behind. It was mostly out in front of the stadium on the grassy and general parking areas. There was a portapotty tipped over. I doubt more trash barrels would have helped these probably drunken slobs. Oh, and not to mention some had slipped in beers and were opening them up in the stands. One family (mother and son about 11 y.o) got up and left before halftime and said she that she had enough. The CAA staff were not very observant. These kids were about 6-8 rows up. It only takes a few to ruin it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

We still need a punt returner,after 7 weeks that is one part of the game we have not fixed.Do it!!

Anonymous said...

i agree with the first comment. the trash was digusting. made me be embarassed to be a student here.

Anonymous said...

If this was college football country, sneaking beers into the game wouldn't be that big a deal

Anonymous said...

WOW-Where to begin-
1. Shit kicked out of them in the trenches (and to the assistant coach or whoever they are that are up in the press box-who I told this to at halftime, and his assistant I guess, who told me "fuck you"-which I responded "fuck you too "-guess you can't handle the truth)
What did we average per carry?
Did it seem every time Richmond had a 2nd and 1 or 2nd and 2 or was I in a haze?
2. Does Cuko kick it farther on field goals than kickoffs??- I mean seriously-It was the opening kickoff and he kicked it to about the 25yrd line and I said to myself "its gonna be a long afternoon"
3. Not sure what the coaches do in press box-but do they not see what I see?? #56 obviously playing hurt with a bum knee-playing nose tackle? = no push/no disruption.
do they not have a body to put some pressure on the center or interior lineman
#77 Coblyn-right OT and he looks like he's hurting in 2nd half-but lets run it to the right and gain 1/2 a yrd-Unbelievable
4. WHIPPLE would have gone for it on 4th and 6-you try a 40yrd FG down by 11 with 8 minutes or so left?? so if you do make it you have to go for 2 on your next TD and and you basically haven't stopped them all day-again UNBELIEVABLE
5. Where the heck is Warren Wilson?
I mean if I'm a Defensive Coordinator I double Cruz and who does Coen throw it to?? Can no one else catch the ball? (well again there were alot of dropped balls)or is he the only option ?
6. Was that a Drew Bledsoe sighting yesterday?? on a sack in 1st half/Coen looked like he was in cement-then again the LB had a clear lane-missed assignment I guess? Can't wait for Octavious to be running the option soon!!

Well I'm sure there's more but SOX are coming on soon-I'm going to smuggle a couple of beers into my living room-

Anonymous said...

Glad you got that out of your system. You'll sleep good tonight. Go Sox!!

Anonymous said...

Cobyln hasn't looked good all season (Nagging injury?)and Getek played as bad particularly at Northeastern and now against Richmond. It seems both of them are always hurt and appeared out of shape in the last two games they played in. Why does the OL coach play them if they can't practice to stay in shape or get over their nagging injuries so they can perform better?

Unless Brown does something with the boys in the trenches it could turn into a long season. New Hampshire will kill us when we go there! The OL/DL better develop some depth and start rotating others in. In doing so it will relieve the situation on the starters in the trenches. That's where most games are won or lost!

The area in front of the stadium was an afront to me as a UMass fan. Upon leaving I saw nothing but trash and drunks who probably didn't even attend the game.

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing and disheartening. I agree with previous comments concerning the indecorous behavior. People (read: families) should be able to enjoy seeing a game without the mess of poorly raised young drunks who give our alma mater a poor image. Wonder why attendance sucks? Security should be tightened and students, disciplined and/or arrested. it only takes a couple of idiots to send a family packing and never to return.... I wonder if this happens at Mullins?

Anonymous said...

I like this team even if they lack the punch of last year's. Yes, they didn't play well, but at skill positions, they are young and will get better as the season progresses. I think the injuries to the OL are becoming more obvious, and the lack of depth is going to limit our offense depending on who we play. Go UMass!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Yes, this is a young OL that is learning as they go along. Some seem to be injured more than others. But let us not forget that some players have never played in these positions since, probably their Pop Warner days. They were just thrown to the wolves, so to speak. How can they nurse their injury if practices are just as intense. This is a rebuilding year. So, lets give them and all the coaches some slack. It looks easy from our seats. we all love to criticize when we lose, but I bet, not one of us would last one play if we were hurting, and yet they keep going in doing possible permanent damage to their bodies. Yikes! For what, tuition or for the love of the game? I give them a hell of a lot of credit. GO UMASS!

minutefan said...

We've seen enough of the 2008 Minutemen to know pretty much what we do and do not have here. They are overmatched physically by any team with a big and talented offensive line and running game. All of our pressure is from edge blitzing, as we don't have the horses to get push up the middle. No amount of scheming and X's and O's can fix that. In fact, from what I see they are calling defensive alignments from the sidelines and we have players running around right up until the snap. The defense often seems to not be set when the ball is snapped, which makes them get pushed back further. We emphasize speed over size on defense, and that has worked in the past. But this group is too small, not fast enough to make up for it, and poor at wrapping up on tackling to boot.

That being said, they could possibly win the rest of their games with the schedule they have. That is, if Coen stays healthy. Without him, I think Bryant is the only team they would beat. The idea that UNH will kill them does not hold water. UNH is a finesse not a power team, and the porous defense we have this year is the same defense UNH has EVERY year. That game should be a shootout and the last team with the ball will probably win. This team could still make the playoffs, but has no realistic hope of winning more than one playoff game if they have a good day and outscore someone.

The goal is to get to Chattanooga every year, but do people really expect there won't be some down years? It seems like 2008 recruiting and getting key transfers did not work out as well as years past.

In my opinion, for next season they need to get more size and strength in the defensive front seven. And also address the QB situation. They will have a good cast of returning O-linemen and skill players, but I don't think Woodward is the answer. Is there a Todd Bankhead type transfer out there somewhere?

Meanwhile, let's keep supporting the team and enjoy what we do have. Not every year will be 1998 or 2006. We are still better than most CAA teams, just not as good as JMU or Richmond this season. It could be worse....ask a Delaware fan.

GO UMass!

Anonymous said...

Our only threat in the punt return game is the threat of a fumble each time,with zero threat of a return.Please try someone else!!

Anonymous said...

Good comments, all. That about covers the story--at least thus far--and at mid-point.