Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday-before-the-Rhode-Island-game news

UMass ended up #15 in a number of polls. The Sports Network has a week #9 poll article here.

All the polls here .

UMass is #6 in the latest Lambert Cup poll. This blog has an article on the history of the Lambert Trophy that gets quite a few hits from Google.

Matty Vautour of the Hampshire Gazette has an update on Sean Small's injury.


David Coulson is calling the James Madison Dukes "Destiny's Darlings"

Another article about Villanova's last second loss to JMU.

The week #9 FCS bracketology website is up.


Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin: The FCS Championship game may be moved in 2010 to the eve of the BCS Championship game . This would be an improvement IMHO. The students (and the team) would not be in the middle of exams. It would greatly simplify travel plans for fans. I know it was a real hassle getting airline flights and accommodations on one week's notice when UMass went to Chattanooga in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Moving the championship game and backing up the start of the playoffs would be a huge improvement versus forcing everyone to play 11 straight weeks and give up a possible 12th regular season game. Granted, they'll spend the entire FCS broadcast talking about the BCS championship game, but it beats hearing them spend the entire broadcast talking about the Heisman.

topsfieldfan said...

Let's hope that Maine, UNH and Hofstra win the rest of their games WITH the EXCEPTION of the UMASS game. We need wins against teams with good-strong records. JMU looks to be a lock on the title, let's also hope Richmond and Villanova go into the tank down the stretch. Perhaps we can gain an at-large bid with a bit of luck.

Anonymous said...

Umass has to get by New Hampshire and Maine to have a chance for the playoffs and they will not beat both. The committee will pick four or even five teams ahead of you guys.