Friday, October 24, 2008

Recruiting 2009--- RB Martin Hyppolite

UMass is interested in Wakefield RB Martin Hyppolite 6-1 215 . Boston Herald story here .

His page is here . ESPN page, with writeup here .

He holds scholarship offers from Army, Bryant, Stony Brook and Navy. Getting interest from BC, Oregon, Maryland and UMass.

Boston Herald image by Patrick Whittemor.


Anonymous said...

Hello Frank, Good information about potential minutemen.

Coach Brown was asked (radio show last nite) about players on the scout team.
who on scout team look like they can become impact players in the future
He mentioned walk-on
Chiaro (Peter) RS-SO - TB, 5-6 180 but didn't say anything about him.
Peter congrats on your 4.0 GPA. Would love to see you on the field.

Alan Williams FR - ATH 5-10 185 from Framingham is fast, he can really really fly. WR or DB or add 10 lbs and play LB??? What position is he going to play for us?

Also OL Brandon Flanigan RS-SO - 6-2 300 xfer from Buffalo and Kevin Macon RS-SO - 6-6 315
These 2 OL will only have 2 yrs left.

Can you add any information about any of these players?

Do you have any information about any planned upgrades? . There had been a facility upgrade icon on the UMass homepage that is not there any longer.

Anonymous said...

We need LB's we have Nelson and Davis for the next 4 years and our LB corp. sucks

UMass74 said...

I've done multiple posts about Kevin Macon and at least one on LB D.J Adeoba. Use the white "search blog" rectangle in the upper left corner of the Blog to search for those posts.

I thought I had done a blog entry on Flanigan, but I can't find anything. I do have some material on him.

I thought he mentioned RB Cedric Gonnet also.

I'll see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Alan Williams is a WR - hope to see him as the punt returner next year too.

Anonymous said...

We'll have Jennings, Rouzier, Besong, Farris and Filler all returning next year. In addition the freshmen group of Adeoba, Haag, Chamberlin and Holmes should be pretty good in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frank. I read your posts. Do you or a fellow fan have any updated information on how they are doing?