Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning musings

The UMass Daily Collegian has a Bryant game article here .

Matty Vautour discusses the injuries to Sean Smalls and Tony Nelson .

Brandon London caught his first career NFL pass according to the Miami game notes .

Keepers college football rankings have us at #8 . And we're a 13+ point favorite over Rhode Island.


As you know, JMU lost to Appalachian State in the playoffs last year with a fumble at the end of the game. The football gods have been smiling on the Dukes this year by way of compensation. If you have not seen their Hail Mary pass with 0:00 left to beat Vilanova, here it is .

David Coulson calls it The Great Escape .

BTW, Texas Tech is still undefeated and routed Kansas Saturday 63-21 .

Recaps of all the CAA games are here .


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Anonymous said...

Keeper should have keep in mind that RI won the last time we went there and they have a better team this year and we don't. I hope we hammer them but it could be another close one at Roddy.