Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update June 10, 2008

Well, I hear it's been hot back east. Here in Wyoming, yesterday was the first day of our vacation that it did not snow----but the forecast calls for snow tomorrow. We spent all day yesterday in Yellowstone. Great fun despite the weather.

On a football note: will California be the next great recruiting area for FCS football?

Key Quote:"It's a shame," says Dennis Farrell, commissioner of the Big West Conference for 16 years. "There are a lot of outstanding (high school) players in the state of California with nowhere to play at the collegiate level. It's a concern when the largest state in the country is down to this many teams."


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Delaware and Montana recruit California heavily? If I rmember correctly didn't Whip pull a couple of recruits from Cal. Wasn't Bankhead from Cal. I'm sure if Brown has it in his budget and feels comfortable with the contacts he would recruit there.

Anonymous said...

CA is definitely not Florida or Texas; but to think how many students play prep ball there and how many end up in Oregon or Washington to play is striking. I wonder why some of the smaller
U CA campuses do not field FCS teams?

Anonymous said...

CA is probably better than Florida or Texas… check out the number of Calif players in the PAC 10 schools, plus the Mtn West and the WAC

UMass74 said...

UNH has seven players from CA including R.J. Tolman a QB.

Anonymous said...

Don can learn from Elaine. She has recruited Cal. successfully for years. There was only one Cal. player on this year's softball team but there have been several.