Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coulson looks at FCS quarterbacks in 2008

Sporting News columnist David Coulson takes a look at the state of quarterbacking in FCS/I-AA for 2008 in his latest article.

He mentions eight QB's that UMass will see in this year's schedule or reside in the CAA.

National Rankings:
  • #3 Dominic Randolph. UMass jumps right into the stack with a second game meeting with the Crusaders. Randolph was also named a pre-season All-American. In our 2007 meeting Randolph threw 62 (!) times and had 32 completions for 296 yards and two TD's.
  • #6 Rodney Landers. Right after Holy Cross, UMass will meet JMU in the third game of the season. That clash at Mauch stadium should go a long way in deciding the CAA championship and should be one of FCS' top games in 2008. Landers played on special teams in 2005 when UMass won.
  • #11 Anton Young. Young was injuried and DNP in last year's UMass-Villanova four overtime game at McGuirk. Young and Whitney should give the Wildcats one of the deepest QB corps in FCS in 2008.
  • #13 Sean Schaefer. Like Liam Coen, Schaefer was slowed by injuries in 2007. UMass did an excellent job against Schaefer in 2007 holding him to 44-27- 262 yards 0 TDs and three INTs.
  • #20 Josh Skelton. In last year's playoff game against UMass, Skelton threw for 46-28-1 281 yards and 3 TDs. Fordham is my pick to win the Patriot League, and we could well see Skelton again in 2008. Skelton was named the Ram's MVP for 2007.
New Starters:
  • #1 R. J. Tolman. Rival New Hampshire starts life without Ricky Santos.
UMass fans should get to see a great selection of the best quarterbacks in the FCS Division in 2008. And that's not counting Texas Tech's Graham Harrell who was just named to the BCS Division's Unitas List.

Should be a great year to be a UMass fan and someone who loves College Football!


Anonymous said...

You got me worried when you didn't list Coen from the QB article. Glad to see him as one of the Top 10 however.

Anonymous said...

USA Today (their summer college football issue) has Liam as one of the FCS players of the year to watch. They also rank UMass at fourth in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what Quarterback is capable of taking over if Liam goes down, god forbid. But right now i do not know if n=either of these Q's can get the job done

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

IMHO, I think Scott Woodward would be the first QB off the bench. He has played in a number of games, but has not been given the chance to play with the first string around him and the full offensive package.Losing Liam would be a big blow, no matter who replaced him. He'll be a senior and one of the best in FCS/I-AA.

Woodward should be in the mix to be starting QB in 2009.