Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recruiting Texas

On Tuesday we looked at an article about the state of college football recruiting in the State of California.

One of my favorite all-time UMass players was L.A. Love. He was from Bryan, TX.

This article talks about college recruiting in the State of Texas. Key Quote"With so much talent in the area and so few Division I scholarships, the players who use the summer wisely have a better chance at one of those coveted spots.

"There are over 1,200 high schools in Texas," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "And only about 350 kids a year get football scholarships, so the competition can be pretty stiff."

Maybe our visit to Texas Tech will give us a little exposure to some Texas players.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are right and that we do get some recruits from Texas. What coach in Amherst works on recruiting nationally? Do we have a scout who travels around scouting high schools? Or at least in Massachusetts?

I don't think we have the budget to fly recruits from Texas to Amherst or to recruit Texas seriously. I do recall that Coach Whipple did fly to Florida to recruit. Does Coach Brown do any out of state recruiting?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Moore, a key member of the 1998 Championship team, was from Texas. He finished up his final year at UMass after playing at SMU. I believe he broke all of the single-season and some career receiving records during that season. A great player and a great find by Whipple.

Anonymous said...

Getting transfers from IA schools who aren't getting any playing time isn't the same thing as recruiting high school students.

Recruiting high school players - isn't that the point of the article. There are so many high school athletes playing football and not that many colleges in Texas who play football.

If we are we going to recruit anywhere the first step is to establish relationships with high school coaches. We aren't going to hire a Texas scout are we? Don't think so.

UMass74 said...

Yes, how could I have forgot Jimmy Moore.

He had 92 catches for 1,494 yards and 16 TD's in '98. The catches and yards are UMass all-time single season records!

UMass74 said...

I'm not saying we should or could recruit in either CA or TX.

We definitely have limitations in recruiting budget and time.

I did think it was interesting that both states have good players with no offers.

Anonymous said...

With video and the internet, and with our success and exposure, there is no reason why UMass can not actively pursue players in the west and recruit from a base in TX or even CA. One trip a year plus video is all it would likely take.

Anonymous said...

Do we have the budget to fly people in from CA and TX? Do we want to increase the recruiting budget to do so, or do we have higher priorities. Isn't the bottom line in recruiting relationships? We can learn about players via the internet and they can look at our website and see our facilities. If we want to establish a pipeline of athletes from a particular school we need relationships with the high school coach. I don't expect to get top high school talent until we establish relationships with coaches.