Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sports Blogging

The Associated Press has been threating Bloggers with lawsuits for publishing a quote (some were as few as 17 words) and then including a link to the original article.

I guess I won't be linking to any AP sports news articles. Don't understand AP's thinking on this. Blogging is all about getting people to visit your site. If Bloggers are linking to AP news stories, then that would be a good thing for Associated Press. Right?

Now after an uproar by bloggers, AP has decided to charge bloggers $2.50/word to quote from one of their articles.

OTOH, Sporting News is offering a free daily digital sports newspaper.

UPDATE: It was a bad week for freedom of the internet. I just got an e-mail from Verizon (my ISP) saying it will block thousands of newsgroups. Most other ISP's are going even further. More details here .


Bob McGovern said...


At my daily news meeting we discussed this decision, and essentially all it does is require bloggers to do a little bit more legwork.

Instead of simply going to an AP article with, say, a Denver dateline, a blogger can just go to the Denver Post or Rocky Mountain News to find a similar article on the matter. Until other newspapers decide to go this route the AP is simply adding to the importance of a well thought out search for news.

The AP thinks it still has this overbearing stranglehold on news, but that is not the case anymore with Web 2.0 and the absolute freedom of information transfer that bloggers, RSS feeds, social networking sites, etc. provide. The AP is one of the strongest voices behind freedom of speech, yet it now wants to infringe upon the freedom to reference?

Tomato, tomahto?

Anyway, like I said, it just requires a little extra work Frank, but I know you're up to it. You do a fine job on here, and no media conglomerate can quell a persistent bloggers desire to find information.

UMass74 said...
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UMass74 said...

Note: the deleted comment above is this one with a typo, I wish there was a way to edit comments without starting over.

From day one I've been careful not to quote large sections of anyone's material.

On the internet traffic is everything. I always thought sources would be happy with links to articles.

IMHO, one the the best methods of referring readers to a source is to quote a short sample to get them fired up.

In the case of local UMass sources I try not only to give the link but also name the reporter such as Matty Vautour or Jeff Thomas. I also try to give the name of the photographer of any images I publish. I try to use my own images when possible and anyone is free to grab any image I publish in image galleries.

I especially want to thank Matty Vautour who has been really friendly and he didn't have to be.

The CAA and the UMass Media people have also been a great help.

Anonymous said...

working on the lights at the stadium