Friday, June 27, 2008

NFL Draft Scout tracks 16 UMass players

NFL Draft Scout's "UMass Players to watch" page has sixteen players plus detailed biographies of Sean Smalls, Liam Coen and Courtney Robinson.

Each player has a link page with varying amounts of information.

Let's parse the list by class. Eight UMass seniors, seven juniors and one Sophomore. My links are to the UMass athletic dept bios.

Liam Coen is ranked #8 in FCS/I-AA QBs

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Anonymous said...

With three OL(Cobyln, Calicchio, and Incarnato) this may be the year that UMass gets an OL on to the next step. The CAA, as a whole, while doing an outstanding job with QB's, Backs, and Special Team players going on to the next level, does a lousy job with the development of their linemen especially OL. All three of these players will have the stats for height, weight, and speed. Hope they develop this year.