Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As others see us

This year's FBS/I-A opponent Texas Tech has an excellent fan blog called "Double T Nation".

In today's post he has a link to a video recap of the Texas Tech-Northwestern State game from last year. The Red Raiders won 75-7.

Key quote from clueless local reporter "The Northwestern State Demons are not from the Big Twelve. They're not even Division I"


Seth C said...

I completely missed that reference.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming it means the reporter should have known (because Texas Tech would have never played them otherwise) that Northwestern State is Division 1-AA and not Divison II or III. Last year's drubbing at the hands of Texas Tech was caused because, while it's still a 1-AA program, Northwestern St (LA) has declined enormously over the past decade. Remember in '98 our Minutemen's run toward the title featured a tough 41-31 win over Northwestern State in Natchitoches.

The final Jeff Sagarin ratings had us as four TD's better than Northwestern last year to give you a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.

Finally, I've noticed that the national college football media (which is totally 1-A oriented) doesn't therefore have a clue about 1-AA football. For example, last year's upset of Michigan by App St surprised me SOMEWHAT but I always thought it would be a competitive game and not, as was generally described by the college football media, as the "greatest upset of all time". (In the final Sagarin rankings, Michigan was a 7 point favorite over App on a neutral field.)

The top five I-AA teams are pretty good. (Better than about 40-50% of the 1-A programs). And our Minutemen are, if not in that grouping, pretty close. So we're good and our team warrants strong support.

Just one man's opinion.

UMass74 said...

Yes, the previous poster knows his FCS/I-AA history. The Demons were one of the top teams in the Division for some time.

If I remember right, they were always in the top five in defense.

The whole Southland conference seems to be in a down turn lately. League champion McNeese state (who we also beat in '98) went 11-0 in the regular season and then got crushed on their own field 44-15 by Eastern Washington