Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A10 and football

As you have probably heard, the A10 has a new commissioner. Bob McGovern has the story over at the UMass All-Sports Blog "Between Mullins and McGuirk"

Our basketball friends are pretty obsessive and I wonder how they would react to this rumor that Temple (along with former I-AA team Western Kentucky and currently independent) is leaving the A10 for an all-sports membership in the MAC.

Temple has shown some life in the MAC and it would make sense for them to make the move. They were only in the A10 because the Big East's basketball teams froze them out.

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Anonymous said...

The naitivity of many (or most) of the individuals railing against the MAC has been very discouraging. The MAC is the only viable alternative for us. The upgrade is affordable, they are a good fit for us and we would be competitive immediately.

We should be following Temple's lead. Thinking we are better than they are is absurd.

The BE is a pipe dream. If the BE came tomorrow we would need at least $200M or more per our illustrious ad. We don't have the financial resources to do so.