Friday, June 13, 2008

New Stuff from the UMass Athletic Dept.

The official UMass football page has a link to the 2007 video highlights.

It also has a link to this year's Don Brown football Camps.

Blog Notes: Under the "It's a small world Dept."----In Wednesday's blog post about defending the spread offense one of the articles was written by none other than Jerry Gordon former two-time UMass Captain and assistant coach.


Anonymous said...

DL Survey -

Hanson, 6-2 240 at DE
Collier, 6-1 272 at DT

positions per our online roster
DL Shaun Allen, RS-SR, 6-3 250
DL Daniel DeLaire, R-SR, 6-2 240 - in rotation at DE
DL Corey Eason, R-FR, 6-5 280 - projected starter at DT?
DE Kyle Harrington, R-JR, 6-3 256 - DT last year. Projected starter at DE or DT?
DE Courtney Jackson RS-FR, 6-2 225
DT Andrew Krevis, RS-SO, 6-5 255
DT Bob McLaughlin, RS-SO, 6-2 250
DL Jonathan Richard, SR, 6-1 250

Who else is going to start inside?
Where did Eason play during Spring?

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt Harrington be listed as a starter? Didn't he start just as many games last year as Collier or Hanson?

Krevis is also a TE now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Harrington is now listed as a DE when he played DT last year unless Brown wants bigger bodies in the middle.

Where did Harrington play in Spring?

We also have 2 more big bodies coming in.
RS-SO Raymond Jones 6-4 275 transfer
True FR Charles Thompson 6-3 290

Should be interesting to see what role the newcomers play this year.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to purchase the 2007 highlight film for the football or basketball team? Basketball, specifically the highlight reel shown on senior night.