Thursday, June 26, 2008

Changes in FCS in 2008

Making the FCS/I-AA playoffs is one of the most difficult tasks in college sports. With only 16 teams out of 104 (2008) making the cut, it's one of the highest barriers in college play.

Two teams that may make life more difficult for established FCS/IAA teams are North Dakota State (10-1 in 2007) and South Dakota State (7-4 in 2007).

Both teams join the renamed Missouri Valley Conference (ex-Gateway).

NDSU beat two I-A teams in 2007. They crushed MAC champion Central Michigan 44-14 and also handled Big Ten team Minnesota 27-21. They also played a who's-not-who selection of FCS/I-AA teams including Stephen F. Austin (0-11), Southern Utah (0-11), Illinois State (0-11) and Mississippi Valley State (3-8)

SDSU played a toughter FCS/I-AA slate and finished 7-4.

Winston-Salem is in their second year in the MEAC. The Rams went 6-5 last year in their first year in FCS/I-AA.

Presbyterian Blue Hose will play in the Big South this year.

North Carolina Central plays an independent slate in 2008.

The Central Arkansas Bears will play their third year in the Southland conference.

UMass 2008 opponent Bryant begins its first year in FCS/I-AA on the way to the Northeast Conference.

And lastly Savannah State will play as an independent in 2008

UPDATE: South Dakota officially joins Division I

UPDATE II: So did North Dakota State.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, great information.

Anonymous said...

NDSU beat two I-A teams in 2007. They crushed MAC champion Central Michigan 44-14

Will we be able to compete for the National Championship against these schools, North Dakota and South Dakota State?
Check their 18,700 seat indoor stadium, the
Fargo Dome. Great place to watch a game.

Bob McGovern said...

Poor Savannah State.

UMass74 said...

I don't Savannah State believes in Coach Brown's speed over size maxim.

Their Ol---317,338, 271, 432 (!), 290.