Monday, June 30, 2008

Bob Behler leaves UMass for Boise State

With some sadness, we report that the voice of UMass football, Bob Behler has accepted a job at Boise State.

We'll miss his calls of UMass football as well as his interviews on the athletic dept site.

Good luck to Bob in beautiful Idaho.

UPDATE: As you know Mrs. Blog and I just returned from a vacation in Wyoming and Idaho. These images were taken on June 10th and 11th.

UPDATE II: Comment by Matty Vautour here .

UPDATE III: Springfield Republican has an article here .

UPDATE IV: Seven Boise State articles here. BTW, the Boise State football team is here .


Susan Koegel said...

I wish all the best to Bob and his wonderful parents which I had the pleasure to sit next to at the Boston College game in 2004. He was dedicated to his job, promoted Umass sports everywhere he went and probably one of the best sports announcers Umass will ever have.

Anonymous said...

I wish Bob all the best and will miss him. He offered me tickets to an away game that was sold out. Thanks.

"It's too good an opportunity at too good a school with too good an athletic program," Behler said.

They have a better athletic program and better facilities - What upgrades do we need to do? Lets get started!

Anonymous said...

What upgrades? For starters, we need to get out of the "small school" category that Mr. Blogger keeps referencing.