Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday--October 22nd, 2014

Dan Malone ranks college football teams after last week's games and moves the Minutemen up a little.

Dan also talks about for the first time in FBS, UMass has some big game pressure.


Matty Vautour reports the UMass seniors wish the Minutemen resurgence happened earlier. Ya gotta wonder where we'd be if Whipple was hired in 2012. Probably no MAC exit and we'd be wondering what bowl UMass would be in.


The MAC conference has added another bowl tie-in.

Hustle Belt also has a post on the new MAC bowl connection.


USA Today has a post about Week #8's winners and losers and says break up the Minutemen.


Phil Steele as how teams compare to their opponents offensive and defensive averages. UMass' four BCS games skew the results for the Minutemen.


NIU looks down the road to its machup with Toledo.


The Toledo Blade says a two-week bye (which UMass starts after the Toledo game) is awful.

------------------------------------------------------------------ grades the MAC East after eight games.

And they grade the MAC West.


The Buffalo News says the Buffs are looking at an uphill battle to sign a coach from a power conference.

Ed Orgeron has some advice for the the Buffs.


Is there a SEC bias on college football polls?


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