Saturday, October 18, 2014

Game Day--Eastern Michigan October 18th, 2014

Awesome effort by the defense. The UMass defense held Reggie Bell to 21-40 1.6 yards a carry. EMU had 52 yards in the second half.

The UMass offense rang up 34 first downs. We left 16 points on the table, so the score doesn't reflect how much UMass dominated.

We're tied for 3rd in the MAC East!

UMass write up with box score, quotes, notes and more here.


Hey, today is Band Day. It's going to be mostly sunny with highs around 70. Let's turn out and watch the Minutemen start a winning streak.

The Minutemen need to put hats on Reggie Bell and keep moving the ball with Frohnapfel and the receivers. Another 150+ yard rushing performance wouldn't hurt either.

It should be a fun day at Gillette to tailgate and watch bands from all over New England take part in Band Day.

Let's beat EMU and keep a positive buzz going. Speaking of going: Go UMass!!!


Thanks to the kind reader who pointed out to me this link from the Boston Globe about Blake Frohnapfel taking care of business at UMass.


MassLive has how to catch the game if you can't make it to Gillette.

Hustle Belt also has media information about the game.


Hey, the MAC Conference website features Tajae Sharpe.


Football guru Phil Steele has revised his All-MAC team after half the 2014 season and added four UMass players. Jean Sifrin is first team and Blake Frohnapfel, Tajae Sharpe and Randall Jette are on the second team.

Dan Malone previews the UMass-EMU game.

Like the whole Minutemen team, Loranzo Woodley is looking to build off a good performance last week.


Phil Steele also named three EMU Eagles (all defensive players) to his Mid-Season All MAC Team.


Matty V. says UMass is looking for a second straight win.


The Boston Herald says Elijah Wilkinson and the UMass offensive line are coming together.


The MAC Conference Game Day post for today.


Victor Cruz posts on social media that his surgery went fine and he'll be back bigger and stronger. reports Cruz has set goals for his comeback.


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izy1 said...

Extra point kicking sucks (missed 2 so far in this game - 3rd qtr).
Laurent needs to spend some extra time in practice-or get someone that CAN kick