Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday--October 21st, 2014

Toledo has its game notes for UMass up.

The Rockets website has three video previews for the UMass game on their game notes page. Blogger won't do a direct link.

The Rockets lead the MAC in scoring offense (34.0), total offense (503.0) and rushing defense (113.9), and rank No. 2 in rushing offense (241.7).

Swanson/ Justin Hayworth AP image
Terry Swanson was their lead RB against Iowa State. He's gone 63-489 7.8 AVE 48 LONG.

They also have Kareem Hunt. All he's done is 59-527 8.9 AVE 7 TD's 45 LONG.


Toledo's coach Matt Campbell is impressed with the Minutemen's turnaround under Mark Whipple.

Keeper's College football ratings has Toledo by 10.93.


Matty V. says the Toledo game is the first "Big Game" of the FBS era, in that there is actually something riding on the results.







Anonymous said...

UMASS is tweeting out to arrive early to enjoy Minutefan Park at the next home game. I arrived over three hours before the last game is was redirected two times, waited in traffic, caused by having no signs and no organization. It was embarrassing, that they had all summer to plan, and had no signs, with only cops telling people that they were not allowed to go further. Fix it!! You have already soured many.

Anonymous said...

Umass game is listed for ESPN3 on Saturday!! awesome. It's not listed on the Umass site though? Listed on Toledo's site and also ESPN3 site..

UMass74 said...

Yes, the game is on ESPN3.

Master college football TV schedule here

Anonymous said...

UMASS Athletic Department is in disarray. Poor marketing-not one ad seen in the press for season tickets for hoops. No hoopla (mid night madness, etc.). Awful football sales at Foxboro. No corporate engagement, anemic fundraising. Poor execution at first home game in three years. Still operating like it is 1979, time to step it up...Frank what is going on?