Saturday, October 11, 2014

Game Day--Kent State October 11th, 2014

Yes!!! UMass 40-17 over Kent State!

Box score and audio interviews here.


Well, at least I get to watch the game on ESPN3 today. I had a bad feeling about the Miami (Ohio) game all day last Saturday. I think I may still have an UMass "National Champion" t-shirt somewhere. Maybe I'll wear that while watching to see if I change change the Ju-Ju.

Kent State is a team with a formidable defense. They've been in most games they've played. The Minutemen need to stop those second-half turnovers. Anytime you turn the ball over three times in the fourth quarter, you're going to have trouble. Jimmie Reid use to talk about responsibility. Each player's job is his responsibility. Play your position and let everyone play theirs. Stop the turnovers and, when needed, kick the freakin' ball through the uprights.

UMass players and fans have certainly paid their dues. Losing is making everyone crazy. Let's break through and win today.

Go UMass!!


Hustle Belt has all the media information for the game.


Matty V. says the UMass defense is preparing for the unknown at Kent State.


Dan Malone says quarterback questions linger over the Kent State game.


Fan Sides says UMass has got to break through one of these weeks and thinks the Minutemen will top the point spread.

Hustle Belt also thinks UMass will beat the spread.


MAC Conference Game Day details here.


Not a lot of media coverage on today's game between two 0-6 teams. So OT, I'll express my sorrow to hear of the death of Lari Ketner. Thirty-seven is much too early. Ketner was a giant of a man who always seemed to have a distracted air when he played for the Minutemen. I was glad to hear he had found peace at the end.



vetteson said...

Finally, Woodley plays and gains over 100 hundred yards and no turnovers. Oh yes, and we won. Also, Porter, the object of the media's disdain makes a huge play at the end. Kicking, well it was better.

bkrownd said...


Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about!

TopUMassFan said...

Really happy for the players, coaches and the rest of UMass nation! This was a long time coming and I think well see more this season way to go, UMass!

Anonymous said...

In three seasons the three teams UMass has beaten are a combined 1-29. Congrats UMass.

izy1 said...

Glad to see them finally play as a team for 4 quarters. Good game UMASS!

Dave Root said...

Way to go, UMass!

The Smoking Chimp said...

This year has been a bit disappointing but what a great win today. Let's get 2 in a row next week

The Smoking Chimp said...

Good game and great win. Let's get 2 in a row next week.