Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday--October 1st, 2014

Good Morning! It's the middle of the night and I'm getting ready for a early-morning flight to Flagstaff, AZ. I'll be taking part in an astronomy conference at Lowell Observatory. If the weather cooperates, I'll be sitting in on Saturday night at an observing run on the Discovery Channel's 4.3 meter telescope. Wish me luck.

As usual, I'll try to keep the blog going, given the vagaries of Wi-Fi.


The UMass website has a video feature on senior DT Dan Maynes and his battle against Crohn's Disease.


Dan Malone has three up players and three down after the Bowling Green game.

Dan has more on the decision to redshirt Shane Huber. Lots of pressure on Whip to win quickly, but he's doing the right thing to protect his player. Just so you know, not all coaches are like that.


Matt Vautour has some details from the various future non-conference game contracts.

Also note that starting UMass kicker Matt Wylie is injured. That means Blake Lucas will start for kickoffs and field goals.


Matt has the latest version of Tattoo Tuesday. This time it's Rodney Mills.


Remember when Miami (Ohio) was called the cradle of coaches?


Keeper's college football rankings has Miami (Ohio) over UMass by 8.23.


CBS Sports says the MAC conference dominates the bottom 25.


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izy1 said...

bout time for an ass kickin win for UMASS