Thursday, October 09, 2014

Thrusday-- October 9th, 2014

The Next home game will be at Gillette and and it'll be UMass Band Day. Nearly a 100 Northeast HS bands will join the UMMB for a 3:00 PM kickoff. That should be a hoot. Even for Band Day nearly 100 bands should be some kind of record.

The Band Day page from UMMB's site. The UMMB put on their best performance of the season on Homecoming, so I'm looking forward to what they do next.


UMass has its game notes up for the Kent State game.


Dan Malone has his MAC power ratings after last week's results.

He also reports Trey Dudley-Giles and Rodney Mills are expected to return to practice. Mills has been a big beneficiary of Whipple's new offense. This year, Mills has gone 13-244 18.8 AVE (highest on team) 5 TD's (Also highest) 60 LONG and 40.7 ave/game.

Last year Mills played in all 12 games and totaled 5-47 9.4 AVE 25 LONG 3.9 ave/game

Dan has three up and three down from the Miami (Ohio) game.


The Press-Herald say Andrew Libby is getting playing time for UMass and enjoying every moment of it.


The MAC Blog Hustle Belt has a podcast featuring Dan Malone and talks UMass football.


Matty Vautour also has UMass updates and some material on Kent States quarterback injuries. Matty also reports John Griffin has been signed by the Omaha Mammoths, a new semi-pro league.

Griffin also spent some time with the NY Jets.


The UMass Daily Collegian reports the Minutemen will face uncertainty this weekend against the Golden Flashes.


After a 1-4 start, Ball State makes a change in QB.


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vetteson said...

I'm not happy to see Blyden hurt but happy to see Woodley getting a chance. It's up to him to show his talent. Kent State may have to go with a walk-on QB, which will cause UMass fans to smack their lips, but remember the Richmond game a while back when we faced a freshman QB who completed one pass, the last of the game with time running out to give them a 7-3 victory...