Saturday, October 25, 2014

Game Day--Toledo October 25th, 2014

Wow, great football game. Frohnapfel threw for 445 yards and tied a UMass record for single game TD tosses with 5.

If Toledo is the best team in the league, the Minutemen are not far behind. We need a couple of studs on defense--- and a kicker.


Coach Jimmie Reid used to say playing in big games was the reason to play football. Today's game against Toledo is the first big game of UMass' FBS era in the sense there is actually something actually riding on the outcome.

I'm pleasantly bemused by this because it's really too early in the Coach Whipple's second stint for a big game. The Rockets are starting more seniors on their offensive line than UMass has on on its entire squad. The Minutemen also really need a second tranche of Whipple's recruits.

I'm bemused because I think we have a chance in this game. Pass defense is not Toledo's strong suit and if Western Michigan can slow down the Rockets' offense, then the Minutemen's defense could do so too.

I enjoying UMass' upward move. Whipple's teams in the past have tended to keep improving as the season passes, and I think that same thing is happening this year. For the last two years I'd be dreading UMass playing the MAC's best team. This time I'm looking forward to it :)

Go UMass!!!


UPDATE: Rocket RB Kareem Hunt expected to dress for the UMass game..

Dan Malone has when and where to catch today's game.

Dan says the stakes are raised for the Minutemen -Rockets game.


Matty V. reports Toledo is the biggest game of UMass' season so far.


Two Hustle Belt writers think Toledo will cover the spread of 17 points.


The Boston Herald says UMass looks to shoot down the Rockets.


The Toledo Blade says thanks to the Minutemen's passing game, UMass carries confidence into today's game.

Quote from the above article:“They look, honestly, like a whole different team,” UT left tackle Josh Hendershot said. “They do have a lot of confidence coming in, a lot more than I ever thought they would.
--------------------------------------------------------------- reports the Rockets look to remaining undefeated in MAC conference play.

The MAC conference website has Game Day #9.



TopUMassFan said...

Disappointed with the second half performance today. I listened on the radio and got the feeling the pressure got to the team. False starts, fumbles, too many men and interceptions just snowballed into 21 straight points for the Rockets.

With time and another recruiting class, this team will learn how to close the deal instead of coughing up the lead.

I'm pleased to be disappointed because that means the team is exceeding my expectations. Next year, UMass will be a force ti be dealt with. Can't wait.

izy1 said...

Given they went up against the best in the MAC, UMASS put Ohio's back against the board for most of the game
Just short of a win (unfortunate turnovers)I thought they gave Ohio more than they expected, and there
should be a lot of positive response from the press-Ohio had to work for that win
To the Team and coaches- GOOD GAME!