Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday--October 26th, 2014

As I said in yesterday's pre-game post, UMass is still missing a few components to play with the top teams in the MAC. As usual, the offense was excellent. Frohnapfel's 438 yards was third-most in UMass history. The Minutemen were right in it until the end.

Toledo has run up big scores and big rushing totals against just about everyone they played. You can't really blame the defense. The game showed what we all knew: UMass still needs some improvement to win the MAC. The Rockets have an All-conference kicker and he was going to win the game at the end if allowed. The UMass defense made some big stops and two INT's, but we couldn't make one more in Toledo's last drive. Still, if you like football, that was an entertaining game, with lots of big plays on both sides.

The ESPN3 announcers were irritating homers and that was a blatant cheap shot that knocked Kassan Messiah out of the game.

Eleven of 79 voters in the scoring poll correctly picked the Rockets by 7 to 13.


UMass write-up on the game.


Dan Malone says UMass can't complete comeback and falls to Toledo.

Dan reports on Whipple's decision to let the Rockets score on the final drive.

Kevin Hunt lived up to the hype.


Matty V. says the Minutemen put a scare into Toledo.

He reports UMass is still intent on finishing strong.


A Hustle Belt writer says the Rockets rallied past UMass.


abc40 says the UMass win streak stops in Toledo.


The Blade said Toledo was good enough to get past UMass.


The UMass Daily Collegian reports the UMass defense couldn't stop a late Toledo surge.


All the MAC conference scores here.


Catching up on the Minutemen's OOC schedule.

Boston college is 5-3
Vanderbilt is 2-6
Colorado is 2-6
Penn State is 4-3 (and lost to Ohio state in 2 OT's)

Boston college finishes with Louisville, Florida State and Syracuse. It could be tough for the Eagles to be bowl eligible. Penn State still has Maryland, Indiana, Temple, Illinois and Michigan State.


izy1 said...

UMASS should have won that game
Some mistakes made, hard to to stop that freight train Hunt
UMASS answered back with equal points when UT put points up-no 50 point blowout as in games past
Right down to the final 20 seconds, UMASS played hard and UT had to work for that win
You have to give UMASS credit for that
In my opinion, UMASS is a powerhouse awakening and the MAC is going to lose one heck of a team in the conference

Anonymous said...

John McCutcheon will be stepping down this week.

TopUMassFan said...

I agree with Izy1, UMass is going to be a team that will challenge for the MAC title next year. We will find a better conference than this one and they will rue the day they forced our hand. We will be better for it.