Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday--October 3rd, 2014

Ron Chimelis says the November games won't help UMass motivate fans to McGuirk. Blame that one on the MAC, Ron. I've said all along scheduling a game on a Friday afternoon is nuts. Some people still work. EMU drew 1,300 fans to their Black Friday game two years ago.


Jackson Porter continues to struggle at CB. I've always thought DB is the toughest position to play. At UMass, it's even tougher as our defensive scheme puts DB's in single coverage a lot. There's no cure for Porter's struggles except for lots of reps.


Tom Masella discusses his defense giving up a school record 688 yards to Bowling Green. The Minutemen defense is about where I thought they'd be. The defense hasn't had the recruits and JUCO's the offensive has had the last three years. There's no helping that; the offense was one of the worst in all of football last year. It had to come first. Making the Minutemen a good FBS team is a multi-year project. We can hope that Masella will get some impact recruits in 2015. They're not that far off from being good. The D-line could use some help first. UMass had zero sacks against the Falcons.


Matty V. looks at the relationship between Blake Frohnapfel and Mark Whipple. Coach Whipple is an NFL-caliber QB coach, and seems to able to work well with quarterbacks no matter where he is (Richard Lucero was the exception).


UMass has its game notes for Miami (Ohio) up.


BC Interruption does some gloating about the rented video board falling during the Bowling Green game.


The Miami student newspaper says the Redhawks host winless UMass.


Sons of Old Massachusetts hands out helmet stickers for the Bowling Green game.


James Ihedigbo was handed a $16,000 fine for a hit that the officials didn't even flag.

BTW, after Ihedigbo arrived, the Lions have morphed into the NFL's top defense.

ESPN says Ihedigbo looked good in his first start for the Lions (he'd been out with a neck injury).



minutefanjsf said...

Let's hope the black Friday game is a night game, at least.

UMass74 said...

Oh! Good catch! My memory from the Spring was that all the Black Friday games were listed as afternoon games, like the 2012 game at Gillette.

Now all the league games are listed as TBA. A 6:00 PM start would be far, far better despite the cold.

The game is supposed to be televised on ESPNU, so ESPN may be calling the shots.

TopUMassFan said...

This post is addressed to "BC Interuption", and I know you troll out here because you need to see what a classy college football blog is like.

First off, who are you to go around looking for schools to poop on? How many National Championships in football do you have? NONE, that's how many. Ours may be in Division 1-AA but it is still a National Championship. And we've plated for two others. That's three National Championship games more than you'll ever play for.

Second...get your facts straight you wannabe sports hack. It's "Warren P. McQuirk Alumni Stadium" and it was a RENTAL scoreboard. It wasn't UMass's fault it failed, as implied in your article. your season is so good. 3-2 with one quality win, a FCS win (UMass scheduled NO FCS teams this year) and a win over UMass ( which you imply should be back in FCS). Plus a loss that was a choke job at home at Walnut Heights ( Oh wait, that was Tom Cruise in "All The Right Moves") Chestnut Heights. Your coming into the meat of your'll be lucky to come out 4-3 over the rest of your schedule.

Every loss UMass experiences makes the the next win all the sweeter. It will happen more than once this year and against you in the near future. When that day comes, your Eagles will have soared to new lows in your eyes.