Monday, October 06, 2014

Monday--October 6th, 2014

OK, the Miami (Ohio) loss was tough to take. Many fans, including yours truly, have been saying the Minutemen are better than our record. Well, we lost to one of the worst teams in football. The Redhawks had lost 21 straight. Right now, we are in fact, playing poorer than one of the weakest teams in FBS. We aren't good until we prove we are.

I won't comment on Coach Whipple's decision not to attempt the field goal. He obviously felt the percentages were higher with Frohnapfel and the offense than with the kicking game. BTW, that's something that needs to be addressed in recruiting in 2015.

UMass does need to clean up mistakes. That mostly falls on the players. I think we have good guys. Missed assignments on special teams and fumbles are not done by good players. If you can't squeeze the rock, you can't be a running back in FBS. The way to stop the Minutemen's losing streak is to stop making errors.

Next Saturday is a new day and a new chance to break through. We can't change the past. Let's shake it off and get after Kent State.


Dan Malone says UMass' losing culture is difficult to shake and that starts at the top.

Blake Fronapfel is frustrated but is not giving up on the season.

Jovan Santos-Knox says the Miami (Ohio) loss is the "worse by far".


Matty Vautour says progress in the Minutemen program hasn't been enough.


The Boston Herald says it was a tough defeat for UMass.


James Ihedigbo had five tackles, a sack and a forced fumble in his debut for the Lions last week.


Victor Cruz says the Giants offense still has room for improvement.



vetteson said...

Look at it this way, with a reliable kicker, a few more FBS level D-line players, and backs not fumbling, we would be 4-2. It's really that simple. Simple. But we are yet another season away from a kicker, affective D-line, and backs that don't fumble.

vetteson said...

More food for thought: After reading Matty Vautour's articles in today's Gazette, and comments made on this blog and elsewhere, there was apparently a sense that Miami was a gimmie for UMass, a certain win. Miami was favored folks! And rightly so. They're at home and a have a full compliment of FBS players and coaches. We're now down one coach, maybe more soon, and yet not a fully FBS caliber team.

Now there are calls to fire the defensive coach. What! And be down another coach. Firing coaches is not the answer. The problem is with the parts, not the process. We don't have all the parts. A engine will not run without all the parts, regardless how good the mechanic is. There is no easy or quick solution to the current problem. The defensive line needs more experience and talent, especially at defensive end. We can't pressure or contain a QB, which puts more pressure on the DBs, which, I think, are pretty good overall. We have two kickers (maybe three), neither, for different reasons, up to the job. The coaches should be scouring the campus for any kid who kicked in HS or played soccer, because at this point, similar to last year, there is absolutely no faith in the kicking game. We have eight running backs, but because of injury, inexperience, and/or who knows what else, the only ones that play can't hold on to the football. So if you must dump on a coach, probably should dump on Shipp.

Until we fill the ranks with good players at every position, the weak links will continue to determine the outcome.

UM2010 said...

An interesting article on ESPN today about Michigan State not being able to lure Students to show up to the games and stay throughout. Pretty relevant considering UMass's student section showing against Bowling Green. Looks like even big-time FBS teams have similar problems against Big10 competition.

izy1 said...

I caught some of the game on ESPN3 before attending my nieces wedding, UMASS was up with a 30 point lead, I figured this was gonna be a great day in many ways.

My niece had a great wedding but....UMASS-I WANT TO KNOW HOW CAN YOU SCREW UP SO BAD AND BLOW A 30 POINT LEAD?
YIKES-maybe one of these game will be a winner. Defense needs major work.
Was a good thing there was plenty of booze at the reception.

Anonymous said...

Whipple is an offensive coach and great coordinator. Look at the production in 2014 vs 2013. despite the ability to close, this team is making progress. Whipple is a good coach.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Vetteson. We are a few plays (or a few players) short of a 3-3 record and now everyone is an expert and a coach or two need to be fired. Whipple has known Masella for decades and won't throw him under the bus for a lack of talent. Let's be patient.

Anonymous said...

Defensively I do not understand how nor why Solazzo survived the coaching staff change. He is a bully and lacks the talent and emotional maturity to lead young men. Too many of the DLine are are at times afraid to play in fear of making errors. Yes, I understand this is college ball and expectations are high but when you have players that would rather stay on the side line rather than risk the tirades of this dinosaur something needs to be addressed. Ask former players who can now speak for themselves.

minutefanjsf said...

I have no inside information about Solazzo, but publicly it looked like he was instrumental in recruiting, and there were quotes by players that approved of his leadership and role on the team. Obviously you believe otherwise and may have some inside information.

UMass74 said...

Coach Solazzo does yell at the players. All the D-line players seem to be surviving just fine.

Anonymous said...

All D Line coaches yell! Are you serious?