Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wednesday --August 8th, 2012

Matty V. has a story about the rule changes in the kicking game. UMass special teams coordinator Roderick Plummer says "It changes everything."

Sophomore Brian Dowling is likely to be in the mix for kick returner again this year.

Dowling #31/Jeffery Roberts image

Kellen Pagel is still out.

The Fall roster is still not up.


MassLive's Harry Plumer has a story about freshman who might make an impact right away for UMass. Fixed link. Sorry!

Trey Dudley-Giles and D'Metrius Williams are mentioned.

Coach Molnar praised Stacey Bedell and said he had a chance to play at RB this year for the Minutemen. One recruiting service called Bedell  a "steal" for Minutemen. It would be nice not to have to break his redshirt. It would be a good thing to have his talents for four full years.


The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has another good effort in its "getting to know the Minutemen" series by profiling the top five offensive players at UMass since 1990.

They also have a MAC positional cheat sheet.


The Boston Herald features UMass senior and Brockton native Darren Thellen.


Bleacher Report has a story about teams with new coaches and ranks UMass with Coach Molnar as #21. If the Minutemen win 4 to 5 games like the article thinks, Coach Molnar will be MAC Coach-of-the-Year and be in the running for national awards.


Another Bleacher Report article says Taylor Mays will start ahead of Jeromy Miles.


The Hour says UConn is trying to deal with some holes in their defensive line.


This may be the last year Phil Steele publishes a FCS preview magazine.


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Anonymous said...

Where can I find a depth chart? Don't tell me molnar thinks he's belichick and he's going to surprise the opponents with hiding his players.