Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday---July 10th, 2012

I watched Coach Molnar's interview during the Patriot's halftime. One thing I like about Coach Molnar is his straightforward style. He makes declarative statements. That's a big change from Coach Morris who's obtuse interviews  I found irritating. He had a politician's knack of answering a question while saying nothing.

Matty V. has a story and a video clip from Coach Molnar's intereview.

Matty had another article on Coach Molnar meeting Coach Calipari.


Chris Koepplin split the kicking duties at the game last night. The announcers praised him for having a "big leg". His only kickoff after a TD went for a touchback.


Harry Plumer of MassLive has a UMass training camp update. He reports that freshman QB A.J. Doyle is making rapid progress.

Plumer also has a feature on new UMass defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo. Coach Sollazzo's UMass bio here.


Yahoo Sports has "Who went where in coaching in 2012".


Meanwhile, optimism reigns at MAC conference-mate Buffalo.


MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" looks at the preseason conference rankings for the last couple of years.


The Mercury News looks at Victor Cruz's take on the epochal Giants overtime win against the 49rs at Candlestick Park last year.


UConn sophomore QB Mike Nebrich abruptly announced he will leave the Huskies.


Indiana awards scholarships to seven walk-ons.

Mrs Blog and I will get to see Vanderbilt's new jumbotron.

Sporting News thinks that Coach Franklin has Vandy eating Tennessee's lunch in recruiting.



TopUMassFan said...

Can't wait for season to begin and see the level of competition we will be up against and Coach Molnar in action. This program needs a strong HC and all indications are that they have one, we shall soon see.

BTW, isn't the Jumbotron at Gillette the largest in pro football? Not a bad recruiting perk.

Bring on the Huskies and go UMass!

Anonymous said...

Molnar is a salesman, nothing more. He'll say anything if he thinks it his audience wants to hear it.

UMass74 said...

FYI, the "Charlie Molar is a salesman" comment shows up in my comments folder like a broken record.

Jacob Gordon said...

Since when is being a salesman a bad thing? Especially when we're moving up and need all the promotion we can get. I really don't understand the Coach Molnar criticism, everything he's done up to this point has been solid if not outstanding considering the resources and time he's had to work with.

Anonymous said...

Molnar will be gone in two years with a 1-21 record. He's a car salesman selling honda.

Anonymous said...

Can we get coaches who coach FOOTBALL. It's the first week of camp and the head coach is in foxboro. What are we thinking? Enough of the marathons, charity crap, chicken sh** interviews at foxboro. Coach football.

Anonymous said...

the only way we stay at D1 FBS is by keeping our attendance up, so Molnar has to promote the team considering the games are being played at Gilette which is 2 hours from Amherst. He has to do both, we aren't Alabama where they know they sell out every game possible. A good coach goes out and helps fill the stadium on top of his coaching duties

Anonymous said...

There is merit to most of the comments, however in order to make the connection with Foxboro, Molnar has to be seen there... It is our home field for the time being... As for sales pitches, only time will tell. Lets see how he handles this year..If we hear a lot of alibis such as, he is using another coaches recruits, then we can start the criticism.. My biggest disappointment is the lack of information and promotion of the program entering such a historic season.

TopUMassFan said...

Hi Frank, I had hoped we would leave the snipping back in FCS but I guess not. What I can't understand is the venom in these anti-Molnar comments. How can someone have this much anger for a Coach who hasn't even called a play yet? Time for "anonymous" to grow an identity or move on!

Right now UMass needs a lot of things to happen; having a fan-base that is truly behind them would be a great start. Let's stop the bus and let ALL THE HATERS OFF RIGHT NOW!

UMass74 said...

I'm probably going to turn off the anti-Molnar comments pretty soon.

We're a mostly FCS team playing a killer schedule. A couple of wins this year is going to be a GREAT START. Any coach needs at least three years to get his players and his system in place.

UMass fans are intelligent enough to realize that.

The higher ends of the MAC are a big jump from FCS football. Toledo ran up 58 points and 582 total yards of offense against UNH ----a team we lost to.

Personally, I think Coach Molnar has done a fine job with recruiting and selling the program. I'm excited by the Minutemen's future.

It's going to take a couple of years before the W's start showing up in the results.

Anonymous said...

You can turn off what you interpret as Molnar bashing, but to ignore accurate observations is no different than what PSU did.. Let the people speak,, The truth always rises to the top ... Inside information speaks of over training, with numerous starters on the side lines nursing injuries and no let up in the intensity in sight with just two weeks before the season opener..Also, if anyone took the time to find out what Molnar's duties were at NDU they would discover his OC title was just that, a title. Insiders have stated that he did not call the plays and acted in more of a gofer capacity for the head coach.. But, we will see for ourselves...Expecting to have a losing season is not a negative outlook. How we go about losing the obvious games will speak volumes of our programs direction and Molnar's abilities.