Thursday, August 23, 2012

UMass Depth chart for UConn

UPDATE:  The 2012 roster is up.

UPDATE II: Ahhh, maybe somebody from football needs to compare notes with whoever is working on the roster. It does not list Blake Lucas or Rob O'Connor and most of the recruits and transfers have no bios.


Matty V. has a post on UMass' depth chart for the UConn game.

The following is a cut-and-past from part of the article with links added by me.


QB- Mike Wegzyn - A.J. Doyle will back him up.

WR- Alan Williams - He'll also play some running back, but he's a starter at receiver
WR - Deion Walker and Tajae Sharpe are still battling a bit to see who'll start, but both will play.
WR - Marken Michel - No surprise here.
TE - Rob Blanchflower - Derek Beck will be the No. 2 at least until Brandon Howard is healthy

RB - Chris Burns, Michael Cox and Jamar Smith are all in the mix to play at running back, which one will start has yet to be determined.

"Jamar Smith has really come on in the last couple of days," Molnar said. "He put himself in the competition. He deserves to have a shot to run out there for the first snaps against UConn."

C - Quinton Sales
Tackle - Nick Speller, Jamie Cassleberry and Stephane Milhim will all play tackle, which ones will start is uncertain.
Guards - If Milhim doesn't start at tackle, he'll start at guard. John Wallace and Michael Boland are competing for the other. Both will play.


"We're rotating eight guys for the four spots on the defensive line. The four healthiest guys will probably start," Molnar said.

DE  - Stanley Andre, Ryan DeLaire, Kevin Byrne, Brandon Potvin will all see the field in some rotation.
DT - Chaz Thompson, Galen Clemons, Hafis Williams and Daniel Maynes - Same as at end.

LB - Perry McIntyre, Tom Brandt, Greg Hilliard will start. - Tim Brandt. D.J. Adeoba. Jovan Santo-Knox. Rob O'Connor, Leo Krizanovic could all see the field.

S - Darren Thellen, Christian Birt - Ed Saint-Vil is a likely backup here.
CB - Randall Jette and Antoine Tharpe will start. Trey Dudley Giles and D'Metrius Williams will play. "I can see all three of those guys playing."


Some surprise missing names: Chad Hunte (58 TT in 2011) and Anthony Dima (11 games played in 2011). Hurt?

Eleven transfers or true freshmen mentioned in the above depth chart, if I counted right.


Anonymous said...

Lots of changes to the roster. Chad Hunte not on team and what happened to the new kicker and punter that were recuited? How does Mike Lee go from RS Fr starter
2 years ago to not even mentioned?
and Dima not in the mix? Strange

Tom M

Anonymous said...

Chad Hunte is out with a shoulder injury and done for the season.. Dima is a surprise..As for D-line, has Potvin even made contact in practice? Thought he was still nursing an injury. Not much said about Byrne moving to DE.. Is Molnar on the same page as his DLIne coach who recently announced his starters as Thompson, Clemons, Byrne, and Delaire.

Anonymous said...

How motivating for the D-Line... Molnar states that the healthiest will probably start.. Does that mean the players who may have coasted in conditioning and stayed the healthiest are rewarded with starting? Or is the obvious that was previously stated true? Molnar overworked his starters and the team is more banged up at a time when a healthy start is so important...The trip to Ct will tell all....

Anonymous said...

More banged up, I'm sorry but as much as I have tried to be patient and understanding, I just cannot keep myself from coming to the same outcome.

This coach is clueless of his role as the Head Football Coach. Let your assistanct coaches lead their respective positions.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a first, UMASS players have not added a pound in weight since last season!!!!

Coach are you also updating the roster?

Anonymous said...

Updated roster? Other that the freshman and transfer players being added, nothing else has changed. Weight, stats......

Anonymous said...

Can't some of you guys wait til the
FIRST GAME at least to critcize
the Coach! Geez!

Tom M

Anonymous said...

Frank- Can you post the crybaby's name who is bashing the new coach who he blames for everything from new weights not updated to players getting nicked up. Some how I think he may be a former assistant or head coach!! Tell him that these are football players, not teenage girls, who need psychotherapy. This guy is either Kevin (5-6) Morris or someone who enjoyed watching the team get wacked by lesser opponents.

Anonymous said...

You will be surprised, but not only have they not gained size some key players have dropped considerable weight during conditioning. The roster reflects last seasons info and not this season. This will come well into the season as it did last season.

Anonymous said...

I noticed too, that the roster has not in fact been updated; the information on the 'revised' roster is identical to the former. Several students missing :( What's going on? Do it right, please!

UMass74 said...

Yeah, the Coach Molnar rant thing is getting on my nerves too.

It now will be moderated.

Anonymous said...

defintely surprised that Mike Lee didn't get a mention, are these new guys that more talented or is he still working his way back from the broken leg from last year? He's been a starter since his RS Freshman year

Anonymous said...

There are 10 kickers and punters in the media day pictures so most of them are missing in the roster. As mentioned in several articles Blake Lucas( (98) and Colter Johnson are competing for starting kicking or punting.