Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thursday--July 9th, 2012

Matty V. has a list of NFL preseason games with former Minutemen participating.


Tickets are available for UMass-UConn as of yesterday. The UMass ticket portal is here. Tickets for the UMass game are only $15.00! I just picked up tickets for Mrs Blog and I.

Let's have a big UMass contingent at Rentschler.


The UMass roster has some edits. Several of the true freshmen have numbers.


The Jets waived John Griffin.  AFAIK, Griffin DNP so far in training camp because of an injury.

ESPN has another post on Griffin.

Rich Barnes image


Vlad Ducasse lost his bid to be starting guard for the Jets to Matt Slauson.


Saturday Blitz takes another look at Stony Brook and Albany's move to the CAA.


Two more Penn State recruits decommit.



UMass74 said...

I approved the following comment, but for some reason Blogger doesn't seem to want to display it.

"Marken Michel is wearing #4 in practice as can be seen in his 8/7 interview video on the UMass football site. Wonder if he is changing numbers? on Friday--August 3rd, 2012"

Anonymous said...

Nice to see coach molnar watching tape and improving the team. Oh wait he was at the patriots pre season game. Morris did more fundraisers and popcorn gigs for the university then football meeting too. Did wonders for his career. Wake up Charley.

Anonymous said...

Okay, can anyone elaborate on the defensive end depth? Haven't heard any comments.