Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday -- August 15th, 2012

Matty  V. has a story about the UMass receivers at this stage of training camp.

Bob Blanchflower would be top TE. Redshirt Freshman Brandon Howard and Freshman 6-4 Derek Beck has been moved to TE from WR.

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The article states that Marken Michel, Deion Walker and Brian Dowling are the staring receivers. I would speculate that Michel is the "X", Walker is the "Y" and Dowling would the slot or "Z".

True Freshman Tajae Sharpe and Bernard Davis are next in the depth chart.


Harry Plumer of MassLive also has a feature on the UMass receivers.


A Bleacher Report writer has "20 college teams whose season might be over by week #3". UMass OOC opponents UConn and Vanderbilt make the list.


If a UMass fan from Connecticut wants to scout the Huskies for us, UConn will be holding open practices this week.


Speaking for closed practices and football paranoia, the Wall Street Journal has a amusing article on the phenomenon.


Football Scoop has an article featuring our conference-mate Ball State on the culture shock freshman go through.

 "Freshman are always in shock no matter where you are, wherever you are in the country. They always think that they lift hard...they don't. They always think they run hard...they don't"


The Giants Blog "Big Blue Review" lives up to its name by reviewing Victor Cruz's book.


The CTPost reports that UConn FB Mike Osiecki has left the team.



Anonymous said...

When are they unveiling the new uniforms and merchandise?

prof. said...

New helmet designs have been unveiled.

prof. said...

What's become of D. Foessel, the TE from NJ?